Unable to find hub

So I have Eero connected directly into my Verizon Fios ONT, and the hub connected to that Eero. When I scan the QR Code, it takes a minute and I get accessory not found. Anyone able to help?

A few questions:

  1. Is the Eero in access point mode or router mode?
  2. What is your phone connected to? The Eero or the Verizon Fios ONT?
  3. Does the Eero support multicast across wired and wireless segments?
  4. What about the Verizon Fios ONT?

-It’s connected to the Eero
-And my phone is connected to Eero, it’s my only Wi-Fi network
-it’s an Eero 6+ and I don’t see anything about that
-the ONT is a Verizon installed piece so I’m not sure

I have this issue too but my setup is a centurylink modem(bonded dsl) so I can’t just VLAN tag as there is no way for me to physically plug a telephone jack into my Nighthawk RAE500 Ethernet port. Just can’t seem to find hub, and my hubitat is on Ethernet but does not seem to be recognized as being connected by my router. Hubitat functions fine however and I have no other connection issues.

Still unable to get this thing setup to HomeKit. It’s driving me absolutely nuts!