Unable to control devices

I have an odd issue. When I log into the Hubitat app and connect to my hub, I see all my devices. However, I am UNABLE to control any of them now. The only thing that has happened lately was I lost my iPhone and had to replace it.

Could you please share more details? Are you able to control devices by accessing your hub via a browser, for example? Trying to better understand if this is related to the mobile app, hub network connectivity or a mesh problem.

I cannot control from a web browser either. Nothing has changed. I was also tryig to do a system reset, but the diagnositc app is missing the advanced button undeer setting.

That's likely because your Diagnostic Tool is outdated. Check the " Missing or Outdated Diagnostic Tool" section in the following document: Hubitat Diagnostic Tool | Hubitat Documentation

I wouldn't reset the hub unless you are planning on giving it away, or otherwise no longer use the hub. Resetting it will not help you restore its functionality. Instead, narrow down the problem. For troubleshooting devices, please check out this document: How to Troubleshoot Apps or Devices | Hubitat Documentation


DO NOT reset anything just yet, it is unlikely to fix anything and just cause you more pain.

Follow those instructions to get the Diag Tool Updated.
Also make sure you are running at least platform (or current 2.3.9)

Then do a Shut Down from settings and unplug your hub for 30 seconds. Plug back in and wait for it to boot. This procedure fully restarts all internal hardware.

After that test one of the problematic devices directly from the device page in the web UI from a browser. Does it work from there?

Now test from the Mobile App or a dashboard, working?


I've updated the diagnostic tool, NOT reset anything. shut down and plugged back in. Nothing either by web UI or app. One thing I notice (if I'm reading things correctly) is that the logs say I've done things (on/off etd) but nothing turns on/off. Hope that makes some sense.

Z-Wave, Zigbee, other? What types of devices are not working.

You can also turn on debug logging for a devices and test it, then post a SCREENSHOT of the logs.

Z-wave. Everything is not working, mainly a ton of light switches plus the door locks.

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