Unable to add ANY z-wave devices

A few weeks ago I noticed that my Schlage Connect (Z-wave) lock was no longer working via Hubitat. When I looked into it I saw that the Lock Code Manager had three jobs that were pending for at least a month. Then this past week I noticed that the lightbulbs (z-wave) in my bedroom were not coming on via Hubitat.

I tried to exclude and include the Schlage Lock, with no luck. I did a forced exclude on it, and couldn't re-add it. Thinking this might be a Schlage problem, I decided to remove and re-add my AEOTEC Range Extender 6. I got it excluded, but it won't include. I did a factory reset on it, and still not able to include it. I decided to try to do the Inovelli light bulbs in the bedroom. They wouldn't exclude or include. It seems that as time went on more and more of the z-wave mesh was going away on me.

I tried motion detectors , no luck, switches, no luck. Basically anything z-wave is no longer working. None of these devices are new, they were all working quite well previously. So I decided to exclude everything z-wave and start over. Well, now that they're all excluded I can't re-add anything. Which makes me wonder if something is wrong in my z-wave radio? Is there any way to test it? I tried restoring a previous backup from 7 days ago, no change. I've re-booted the hub more times than I can count. I looked at other documentation, but didn't find anything like this situation. I'm beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how to trouble shoot this. I'm at Platform Version: hub- Hardware Version: Rev C-7.

BTW I have about 15 Zigbee devices that are working just fine, so clearly the hub has functionality.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Anything?


Have you tried a power-cycle? Shutdown, remove power (from the outlet end, not the hub's microUSB Connector). wait 30 seconds, power it back up again?


Really? It was that simple? I've been banging my head against the wall for a couple of days on this. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Things seem to be back to normal.

I shouldn't ask, but I will: Why does it make a difference if I unplug the wall wart, vs. just the cable from the Hubitat Device? (Not an Electrical Engineer here.)

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The microUSB connector on the hub is fragile. So it is recommended to disturb it as rarely as possible.

Also the Wave radio does a different rwset with the power off vs jist a reset triggered from the.menus

I.believe it contacts what devices it can in that type of restart and rebuilds the routes.

Power cycling clears the z-wave radio vs just a plain hub restart which doesn't.

I didn't want to say clear which might be confused with reset

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Thank you one and all, this was very helpful. I truly appreciate your time.