Unable to add a Device to Dashboard

I added a new switch to the dashboard phone app, but when I bring up the phone dashboard, it doesn't show up. All other devices do show up. What gives?

Not sure what you mean with "added" (just paring it to Hubitat isn't enough), so: did you go to Apps > Hubitat Dashboard in the admin UI, then the specific Dashboard in question, to add it to the list of devices authorized for that Dashboard? Note that this is under "Apps," not "Dashboards," and it's the admin UI, not the mobile app, though the mobile app does provide a way to get there (under Tools) if you are unsure.

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Yes, I went to apps and added it to the list for this dashboard. What is the "admin UI"? I am on the local network with a 192.168. etc address. Thanks.

Sounds like that's what you did--usually you get to it by going to the IP address for your hub in a web browser.

So the device is authorized. Next question: did you add it to tor Dashboard? It won't automatically create a tile for an authorized device (ignoring the initial setup wizard that w do this for you).

Yes, I did, and it show up there, but when I open the phone dashboard, it's not there.

Have you tried a different device? Maybe a cache issue? Or force-reload the page? If it shows up for you in the editor in the admin UI, that should be the same thing you see on any device. (And in case the editor you're thinking of doesn't look like you're actual dashboard, we're not talking about the same thing, so make aure you're there.)

Thanks. I will reboot the computer and try again. Appreciate all the help.

I think I need to take a break. I have two dashboards, and I added all items to both in the app section. Neither one of them updated to the new configurations, but kept the old configurations. I don't understand what "admin UI" is, and frankly I've had enough for today. On top of that, before I came here I was trying random things, and now my "cloud" doesn't work - I get a constant "loading layout" with nothing else. Will try again tomorrow.

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Commiserations, hope the next try goes better!

Thank you for your help. I got it. Just wasn't thinking clearly yesterday.

Just to clear up your question around the Admin UI @bertabcd1234 referred to, more generally I would classify it as simply what appears when you open a browser on your PC and enter the HE hub IP address into the address bar. You get access to the list of Devices, Apps, Hub setting, Drivers Code (if you are a developer like me), etc. I expect what @bertabcd1234 was referring to was that the Device appeared under the Devices page, indicating it was available to add to a Dashboard.

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Admin UI as contrasted with a Dashboard, I believe.

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That's the way I would think about it, yes

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