Unable to access hub with local address on iPhone

My hub has a static address. I am able to access the hub on my iPad and another iPhone with no problem. But on my iPhone I suddenly can’t access the hub using local IP address. I can access the cloud link, can access the portal but just not working to get to local address. Get “message server stopped responding”. I rebooted phone and hub. Any thoughts? Earlier today it was working as it should. Do not know of anything that has changed. Tried accessing using both safari and Firefox.

It sounds like your iPhone is not connected to the same network as your hub. Are you sure the wifi didn't get turned off on your phone?

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Have verified phone is connected to the same wifi as the hub.

I have an orbi router with 2 satellites. The Hubitat is connected to one of the satellites. Rebooting the Orbi using its app did not fix the problem. After I unplugged power to the satellite and then plugged it back in, it seems my problem is solved.

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Do you have local network access enabled for the IPhone giving you issues. In settings for the Hubitat app

[edit]Maybe not it as you say it won't access via browser

It was all very perplexing but a power recycle of the Orbi satellite it is connected to solved the problem.

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