Unable to Access Hub Protect Subscription on C-5 Hub

I have subscribed to Hub Protect on my C-5 Hub and when I go to the Subscription link, it shows "Hub Protect is Active For This Hub'.
However, when I go to "My Account", it displays "Add Hub Protect". I have rebooted the hub and signed out and then into my account without result. The hub is at firmware level What can I do to get the service activated on this hub?

I did not subscribe to the remote service.

(I have a C-7 hub that is properly connected and subscribed to the service.)

EDIT: While this may still be relevant to others, my C-5 hub has crashed once again. I have submitted an email request to support for assistance.

Same issue here. When I click on cloud backup, it prompts me to purchase a subscription when one is already active on the hub. Please update if you have found a solution.

EDIT.. I was on .134, updating to .137 fixed this for me.

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Just purchased. I'm having this same issue. I am on the latest firmware version - .137. Any fixes....?

I noticed it did come up until I had rebooted on one of my hubs.

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Thanks @Eric.C.Miller. Simple reboot worked.