UltraPro Z-Wave Basic Rule Delay

So I just received my order for the Hubitat Elevation Model C-7, and a pack of two UltraPro ZW4008 switches today as part of my testing effort for replacing my family's Insteon devices. The Hubitat is super cool and configurable, and it makes debugging super easy with all of the logging output it lets you configure. I'm excited to learn more about it!

I created two basic rules that link the two switches so when you turn one on, it turns them both on, and turns them both off when you turn one off and each is attached to its own LED load. When I activate one of the switches via the hub's web-page, it's almost instant, and both lights turn on within milliseconds of issuing the command which is great!

When I turn one of the switches on/off, the result is dramatically different. It's about a 1-3 second delay before the other switch is activated. Very similar to the behaviour described here: "light-switch-3-second-delay-with-automation-rules"
It doesn't seem to be related to the network or anything, because when I watch the real-time logs. They don't even appear until about the same time the other switch activates, and describe all events as happening within a second which appears great.

I read something about there being a multi-tapping delay which the switch seems to wait to see if one is going to double tap the switch instead of just the single press, and in that particular case, I'm wondering if there is a way to disable that functionality, since I only ever want these switches to function as single taps regardless of however many taps physically occur, and to issue their messages to the hub immediately instead of waiting.

Lastly, I discovered that if you press and hold the on/off on the rocker switch, it sends the command much more quickly, which is how I'm hoping to set up the quick switch taps.

I've been Googling for hours trying to find an answer on how to set the delay on these switches, and tried a device driver listed on GitHub and also changing the type of the devices to Generic Z-Wave Switch, Generic Z-Wave Plus Scene Switch, and Generic Z-Wave Plus Switch, thinking that that would somehow expose different configuration elements, or somehow dumb the device down

Is this possible to configure on my end through Hubitat? If not, are there switches that I can just purchase that are less fancy without this particular delay?

Thank you!

Did you have any failed pairing when trying to set up the switches?

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Failed pairings can be identified from the Z-Wave detailed screen. They will have a โ€œDiscoverโ€ button most times. These need to be removed.

I use mostly Inovelli Red (Z-Wave) switches myself as they are super configurable when using their community driver. The delay can be adjusted or removed, and they support up to 5 taps, plus have a configuration button that can be used to trigger apps, scenes, etc.

Their Red switch is currently out of stock, but they indicate in their community that their Blue (Zigbee) switch should soon be available for pre-order.

Thank you both for the responses. It doesn't seem like there were any failed pairings or ghost devices as there are just the two Z-Wave devices I'm using for testing under Z-Wave Details:

I will definitely have to look at Inovelli, as it sounds like it offers more flexibility with a nice community driven approach. With your Inovelli switches, are you able to get response times under a second? This is probably my biggest concern when replacing Insteon, as any of the software linked devices respond instantly.

As for the current switches, are there drivers out there that let you interact with the tap-wait delay?

I really appreciate the advice on all of this!

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Yes, my Inovelli switches are generally very responsive, especially when the wait time is removed. I typically reduce it from 500ms to 200ms when I want it to register multi-tap, but want a fast response.

To be able to change the tap-wait delay, the switch needs to support it in firmware. Others will have to chime in here.