ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro zwave Lock

The only way to get a ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro zwave Lock in the UK is from Amazon who ship it across.
I want the zwave version but I’m assuming it ships with US frequency so will not work with my hub.

Sorry if a daft question

If it is being shipped from the USA (or North America in general) it is 99.9% certain you will get a North American Z-wave frequency.

It is basically illegal to use the wrong frequency, and the Euro stuff wouldn't work with any of our hubs, so pretty doubtful you would get anything but our stuff. There is no reason that a company would have stock for regions outside the USA in a USA warehouse for retail sale.

The USA and Euro frequencies are different, and not interchangeable. The only thing you could (illegally) do is run your Hubitat on USA frequency, but you would need multiple hubs, or only USA Z-wave devices.


Is this lock appealing to you in some way? I'm not sure what's available in the UK, but in the US, pretty much any Zigbee or Z-Wave lock you can find will work better, IMHO (except maybe old/"classic" Z-Wave Schlage locks, which are likely hard to find outside the secondary market at this point). This one barely supports any Z-Wave features (just lock/unlock--no code reporting, no access to the built-in contact sensor, etc.), and you need the manufacturer's app to even put it into inclusion mode, so if they ever go out of business, you'll have a paperweight the next time you need to do that.

But the above is all likely the case anyway, so it probably wouldn't work if you could find one. :slight_smile:


My Ubolt angered me so much between the constant battery drain due to the excessive every 5 minute battery reports (known issue, one can Google it) and not reporting lock code used that I threw it in the trash.


Gents, many thanks for your rapid response.
This would be a secondary lock on a door that already has a night latch I believe you call them and would manually be put on at night but also locked or unlocked remotely if needed. So lack of full Zwave capability’s is not high on the list.
It must be a deadbolt so can’t see any others out there that do not emanate from your side of the pond. aka US frequency.
But a revelation!!!! Thank you neonturbo.
I have two spare C7’s doing nothing now so running the gauntlet of the Zwave police breaking down my door and carting me off for a term at His Majesty’s Pleasure could I run a single hub at a different zwave frequency and join it to the mesh of the other two c8’s,
This obviously depends on the mesh being created across the WiFi network that I assume it does not the Zwave. (Sorry lack of research)
Many thanks again for the feedback.

Yes, the mesh is via ethernet (preferably wired, but wifi will work.)

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Well Gents just an update.

After several weeks wait said door bolt arrived.
I know you warned against it but I’m a sucker for a challenge.

So in summary.
Configured spare C7 for US Zwave frequency.
Joined it to the mesh and the two C8 Uk hubs.
Got the lock joined on Zwave
Shared via the mesh.
Went to primary hub…. And works a treat.
As I said from the Zwave point of view I just want the ability to lock and unlock as it’s a supplement lock to the night latch.

Thanks for the input and advice

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As mentioned earlier, he might want to turn on debug logging and see if it's reporting battery levels every 5 minutes.

Some do it, some don't. If it does though it's going to kill your battery pretty fast.

If it doesn't, then good. Enjoy!


Z-Wave firmware update for these locks, so it apparently reports door status now. That would be amazing, but only those using HA seem to have access to the firmware.