Ultraloq Pro ZWave Smart Deadbolt Open/Closed Status

I'm new to Hubitat, and my first device to add on the first day is the Ultraloq Pro ZWave Smart Deadbolt.

The deadbolt comes with a door sensor that can be read by the Ultraloq app (I think the app relies on Bluetooth). However I don't know how determine if the door is open or closed from Hubitat. I've looked for a parameter in the Dashboard Template, or an attribute in the Rule Machine. The 'Door Status' parameter appears to be intended to indicate 'Open' or 'Closed', but the values are not populated by this deadbolt. 'Door (Control)' does not appear to have this info. (But I'm too new to Hubitat to say this for certain)

I did find the Ultraloq U-Bolt Z-Wave Specification Manual which states that when the door is locked or unlocked the deadbolt will report
Door Condition| Bit 0: Door | 0: Open, 1: Close.
Door Condition| Bit 1: Deadbolt| 0: Locked, 1: Unlocked

Here is an sample from my log

DoorLockOperationReport(doorLockMode: 255, outsideDoorHandlesMode: 0, insideDoorHandlesMode: 0, doorCondition: 0, lockTimeoutMinutes: 254, lockTimeoutSeconds: 254)

Its unclear to me whether Bit 0 or Bit 1 is being reported. I could try it out, but I've removed my lock to work on my door, so its not near the sensor.

I couldn't find doorCondition as either a Template or Attribute. And it seems that the doorCondition status may only be communicated when the lock is actuated, The doorCondition will likely change after the door is unlocked, who knows if they've closed the door behind them.

If I can't easily find a parameter/attribute, I was thinking I could write a command which would:

At 10:00 every night, or when commanded.
Actuate the deadbolt,
Read the doorCondition value from the report
Report the Open/Closed status on a tile on my Dashboard.
If Closed and Unlocked Then Lock the Door
If Closed and Locked Then Do nothing
If Open and Unlocked Then Send me a Notification that the door has been left open
If Open and Locked, Then Unlock and Send me a Notification that the door has been left open

Is this necessary and/or doable?
Another alternative would be to buy a z-wave door sensor independent of the sensor that came with the lock.

Any other suggestions?



It sounds to me like you're getting into Z-Wave level details with your first device. Start simple. An ordinary contact sensor might be your better bet in the short term.

Asking for this to be exposed as an option from the lock's driver is a reasonable request to whoever maintains that. Is it a built-in driver or community-supplied?

Whomever cut the deadbolt hole in my front door must've done it with a hatchet and a sharp spoon. I've got one of these I'll be installing as soon as I make the jig to expand the deadbolt hole, put the door on some sawhorses, and waste an hour or two I'll never get back. I'll let you know if I come across anything that required some digging.

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Thanks Chris.

Small world, I bought my pre-hung steel door on line from the hardware store. I installed the door, and put on an old deadbolt while I selected my deadbolt. When my Ultraloq arrived, I installed it and got it working but it wasn't as smooth as it should be. Upon closer examination I noticed that this lock has a 2" step which locates in the lock in the door hole, and the lock was way off center in the hole making the lock tail piece sit angled. Turns out the door hole position was about 3/16" too close to the door edge. I removed the lock and I'm waiting for the manufacturer to tell me how to deal with this. :angry:

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Thanks m
I know I'm getting in too deep too fast. I was able to install a garage door sensor without any issues.
I believe the driver is built-in, but I'm a bit too green to truly understand the question.

Recently I replaced August Pro lock with Ultraloq Zwave keyed version.
So far so good. I love this lock. But as of today with Hubitat you can
only lock and unlock it. Door Sensor works only with app but invisible
to Hubitat.

Thanks Vitaliy,
Well that's unfortunate, makes no sense, and make their advertised claims misleading at best.
They advertise it as a Z-Wave Smart deadbolt that can let you know when the door is open or closed. I feel mislead, its one of the reasons I bought this particular lock.

Its convenient to get the door open status when your in bluetooth range, but if I'm that close I could just look. But when I'm away its imperative to get this info over Z-Wave. I will use my deadbolt on a garage man door, and I've bought a tilt sensor for the main car door. In summer we use our garage as a passageway from our front yard to our backyard with a pool. When we're away and friends use the yard, I can lock it remotely only if they remembered to close the garage door.

DoorCondition Bit 0 is listed in the U-Bolt Z-Wave Specification Manual as Open/Closed, and DoorCondition is reported in the log when door is locked or unlocked. Do you think I might be able to extract that info to determine open/closed as described in my OP?

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I have a Hubitat-connected contact sensor on my front door, in addition to my Yale zigbee deadbolt. I have an automation that locks the deadbolt if the contact sensor indicates the door is closed.

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Thanks Aaiyar.
I thought the door sensor that came with it would have been z-wave and integrated into the actual function of the switch.

Somewhere on Ultraloq forum I saw a description for the supported zwave
classes. It looks like this lock is capable to do a lot of things though the zwave.
So, if somebody will write a custom driver this lock could be a BIG winner.
As of today it just uses generic driver.

My previous Agust Lock Pro had door sensor visible to HE. But unfortunately
the zwave communication was absolutely unreliable. So, I alredy had a separate
door sensor installed. My current door automation includes lock control
plus automatic door open/close. And I am using few BT Becons for 100%
hands free door automation.

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Did some testing with this and it doesn't look like the door (first bit) part of doorCondition is working. First thing I noticed is that the lock does not send DoorOperationReports when the door is opened or closed. I then actuated the lock with the door open and closed. In either case the first bit stayed 0 while the second bit correctly reflected the lock / unlock state. So it doesn't look like we can check whether the door is open or closed from Hubitat.

I encourage everyone to vote for the feature request to expand the lock's Z-Wave capabilities in the U-tec forum: Expand and fix Z-Wave capabilities - Wishlist - U-tec Community

Hopefully one day they'll add the functionality via a firmware update

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Why isn't there full support (ie a dedicated application) to support Ultraloq. I can add user with new codes through the Hubitat very basic interface but I cannot operate Ultraloq properly without bluetooth. The whole point of Zwave was to enable remote support.

Someone else asked a similar question. Basically, the functionality that Ultraloq exposes via Z-Wave is a subset of the functionality that it exposes via BlueTooth. This is essentially limited to lock/unlock, and code management (getCodes/setCode/deleteCode/setCodeLength).


I assumed that most of the functionality of their WiFi hub would be available in Z-Wave.
But as a minimum it should do what they defined in their specification.
The Ultraloq U-Bolt Z-Wave Specification Manual which states that when the door is locked or unlocked the deadbolt will report
Door Condition| Bit 0: Door | 0: Open, 1: Close.
Door Condition| Bit 1: Deadbolt| 0: Locked, 1: Unlocked

I got my door and lock installed again, and did similar testing.
All my reports indicate DoorCondition as either
-0 for door locked (opened or closed) or
-2 for door unlocked (open or closed)
The Bit 0, indicating Door Open close would result in a 1 or a 3.

So I don't believe its reporting per its own specification.


Your work and @kevdliu's certainly make that case effectively. Have you written to U-Tec support? Of course, in the short term, you can make use of an external contact sensor.

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I have a few months ago and didn't hear anything back besides the initial "we'll look into it".

It's really disappointing they don't seem to be supporting the ZWave aspect of this lock as it's the only one I've found that supports both fingerprint and ZWave.

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I heard back from their support a few days ago and they answered that

Now the engineers are testing the new version U-tec app, after the new version is released, they will work on improving the SmartThings and Hubtait.

The test and debugging may take a few weeks.


I too am in the exact same boat as everyone else. That would be fantastic if they finally do it.

Same here. Looking forward to the new integrations. Last month, I “upgraded” from the Wifi/Bluetooth version to the zwave version and was disappointed in the lack of actual zwave functionality.

Other than the previously mentioned lacking functions, how are the locks?
Easy to use?
Batteries last?
Strong zwave?
Overly chatty?
Code manager capabilities?

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