Ultraloq pro z-wave

I have 2 of the u-tec u-bolt pro zwave deadbolt locks. I have followed the instructions for doing a zwave inclusion on the u-tec app , then z-wave discovery on the hubitat app, But, it never discovers either lock. The lock blinks blue, so it is in inclusion mode.

Any ideas?

I would try an Exclusion first then Include. Also make sure the lock is close to the hub. It's been a while since I paired my Utec lock and I didn't really experience any glitches.

I tried exclusion, says not added to any zwave network. the hub is 2 feet from lock. This is the first devices to be added to hubitat

I do have alert in upper right corner that say zWave is unresponsive

What do the logs say on the hubitat side.

Can you post your z-wave details page in its entirety?

You may want to read this to see if it applies to you.

Suggest you do the Firmware Update indicated on that page first. Before pairing any device.


This Up Here GIF by Chord Overstreet

just sits on the update page ...


Right wait till it's done. It's updating the z-wave stack

30 minutes, still on same page/status

Were you able to get this installed? I have a couple questions if you've been using it for a while.

  1. Do you need the U-tec app to add fingerprint to the lock?
  2. Does it report lock code used to open/close the lock?
  3. Does it report fingerprint of specific users when it is used to open/close?

I already have a Yale zwaves which tells me which key code used but it doesn't have fingerprint. I'm looking for a added function upgrade. Essentially what I want to do is to have Hubitat hub notify me via the app, speak in my smart speakers, and run set automation depending on who opened the door when fingerprint used