Ultraloq Pro and C5


WOndering if anyone can shed some light on the subject of getting the UltraloqPro Zwave working with C5 or if I need to upgrade to a C7 to make it work?

I paired the lock successfully and it locked and unlocked a couple of times using a command direct from Hubitat but now there seems to be no communication between the hub and the lock??

I have the * zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true on the device page so looks like it's ocnencted using S0 but now I am lost as to why no commands or updates are working?

I have a Z-Wave repeater between the hub and the lock but not sure if it's being used for the routing or not??

I have done a Z-wave repair but still no joy.

Is it time to upgrade to C7? (I am scared of the migration if I'm honest. It looks very complicated!!)

Couple of questions:

  1. What driver are you using with the lock?
  2. Can you post a screen shot of your Zwave details?

Thanks @thebearmay.

I am using generic Zwave Lock driver. As I said it included and worked for a couple of lock/unlock commands and now it's totally unresponsive. Even when I lock or unlock the lock manually or via the keypad no updates happen in Hubitat. Zero comms between the two.

Pictures attached.

Any clues you can see??

as @thebearmay requested, we need to see your Z-wave details. Go to Settings->Z-wave details.
EDIT- oops, nevermind the C5 doesn't have the level of detail that the C7 has. In any event there are a ton of people who have had lock issues, so much so that Hubitat removed multiple locks from their compatibility list. I don't know about the UltraLoq specifically, but even some of the largest in the industry failed with Z-wave locks(think Schlage)
So while I don't have a solution, you're in good company. Hopefully someone who owns an Ultraloq can chime in.

Thanks. I will keep persisting. Will start with getting hub closer to lock to see if it makes a difference.

Is Zigbee better for locks?

Many people prefer ZigBee for locks, but the only issue I've had with ZWave (and it would be the same for ZigBee) was when my mesh was relatively sparse and going through a plaster wall with metal lathe to get to the hub 12 feet away wasn't giving me the signal strength I was expecting.

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Have you ever had any failed z-wave pairings on this hub?

I don't think so but it's not 100% out of the question.

I don't think I know a way to check that.

Only way on the c5 is to pair a z-wave stick to it and use the SiLabs software (free)

Can you do it on a C7 without a stick?

If I could convince myself of how to do a migration then I would rather pay to upgrade the hub than buy a stick.

You can determine if there are ghosts or stranded devices on a C-7 without a secondary zwave controller.

However, some stubborn ghosts and stranded devices will need a secondary controller to be removed. So it is always a good idea to keep a secondary controller around. Sticks from Zooz were about $20 a short time ago.

I have an old wink hub would that do the trick. Thanks for the heads up on the Zooz stick I will go for one of these if the Wink is not an option.

I think I need to upgrade to a C7 if I'm honest. (Migration :exploding_head:)

It is unlikely to work.

Zooz stick it is!!

Thanks for the info.

Quick update. I got impatient dug out a long ethernet cable and took the hub to the lock. I then excluded it which worked successfully and the included it again.

Moved the hub back to it's original position and it has been working since! Let's see how long it lasts?

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The migration is pretty easy if you subscribe to hub protect. All your z-wave stuff will move over. Now the zigbee is interestinig. In most cases when you remove it from the old hubitat it will go into pairing mode on it's own. All you have to do is hit zigbee pairing on the new up and it should slot right in to it's own place. It will say, found previously connected device. Boom... You're done. When I did my migration I was worried because I have 36 window sensors. I have around 60 zigbee devices alltogether. I had to factory reset 2 of them... I was happy with that.

Great info thanks. I think I do want to upgrade so I will keep this in mind.

Just a quick additional question, why do I need hub protect? Can I not just download a saved back up and use that to restore from when I get the new hub?

Local backups donโ€™t include the Z-wave radio database, but cloud backups do. So while itโ€™s possible to migrate hubs with a local backup, it would require more work.

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