Ultion Smart Lock - Beware

I just bought one of these Ultion Smart Locks £299 with the remote keypad.

Then they sent me an email asking about the door size and measurements between handle and keyhole etc etc.

All asked AFTER purchase.

Came to light that it won't fit my UPVC door, but the ONLY way to find out is to BUY IT, none of the criteria are published BEFORE purchase.

What an back assed way to sell things on the internet, ask some questions to qualify it will work but hold back the REAL critical questions until AFTER you have parted with money.

To make it worse the phone number they ask you to ring if the measurement is out of what they would like just hangs up when you call it.

So talked to them online - 'oh yes we shut that number down, we should update the website'

These guys come across :cowboy_hat_face: as and :clown_face:.

How on earth can you trust them with a lock let alone a Smart Lock I do not know!!!

Never had that problem when I ordered mine. I specified during the online order the exact required cylinder lock size and handles specification.
Fitted in minutes and has pretty much worked flawlessly ever since which is over 18 months now.

I filled in the complete questionnaire for the purchase.

Once money changed hands they sent an email asking to complete another questionnaire asking about distance between handle centre and bottom of lock etc

When I entered the numbers it asked me to call a phone number which immediately hung up.

Talking to them online they are aware they are currently sending customers to a phone number that they no longer operate, they will get around to it.

After much discussion with them on online chat, and sharing photos of lock with tape measure they agreed that their lock would not work.

I had believed it to be a quality product, but the qualification process AFTER purchase is ODD indeed - why not put these questions in the PRE Purchase questionnaire - why have a POST purchase questionnaire at all?

Just found it very immature of them to take a payment, then declare it won't work and take a week to make the refund - is it possible this is some form of involuntary loan scheme ?

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