Uk zigbee smoke detector

Can anyone recommend a good zigbee smoke detector for the UK?
Imhave hardwired ones throughout the house but wanted a couple of zigbee ones to be used with HE for alerting when we are away from the house.


Here in the US many of us have bought the Kidde/First Alert relay modules that change when the detectors are alarming and use a contact sensor to then notify ST/HE. I see that Kidde has a relay module for UK/240 VAC detectors too:

Z-wave any good? I have one of these.

Seems to work fine.

Does anyone know of any Zigbee smoke detectors at all? The only ones I'm aware of all the ill-fated Halo ones, which I'd be hesitant to buy now even if you happen to be able to find them (despite the fact that I think people have made at least core functionality work on Hubitat now). I'm in the US and would imagine the situation would be even worse overseas, as device availability usually is. :slight_smile:

I see you have some Z-Wave recommendations, which of course isn't what you're looking for...but if you secretly would consider some, I'd add the Ecolink Fire Fighter, FF-ZWAVE5-ECO, to that list. It listens for standard smoke or CO detector alarms. It's supposed to be placed less than 6" away from one, though in testing I was able to make it respond from the other side of the same room. Not sure if these are available in UK frequency (and I assume smoke detector beep patterns are a global standard now?), and I know it's not what you asked for, but it's what I settled on here. This way, I can use any smoke (or CO) detector I want--and if they're interconnected, you only need one. (Alas, that's not me, but I'm just dreaming here...) If you're not opposed, Alexa now also has a "Guard" feature that can listen for the same when you tell it to--cloud dependence, no integration with Hubitat (as far as I can find a way to yet--I'd love for these to be available in Routines), and trust in Amazon obviously required.

I'm using the little Xiaomi/Honeywell unit and it seems excellent so far.

I have a Bitron 902010/24 and I wrote a generic zigbee smoke detector driver but I still have to test it..

Found a few mate, all the same but different prices.

"Royski" Did you successfully pair this smoke detector with HE?

No, I dont have that model. It was more for Andy.

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Ah ok, I've got a few of these working on an Orbivo smart hub but Id like to migrate them into HE. There are no compatible drivers available yet unfortunately :frowning_face:

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Has anyone looked at this a bit more?
Looking fir HE compatability

You can get Zigbee smoke alarms from the website. They are battery only and quite neat. They are really made by Tuya.

However I have not yet got drivers to work correctly with them. I'm sure someone will come up with a driver that works shortly.