UK Z Wave Energy Monitor - Anyone Using One/Recommendations

I'm in the UK. I've been quite surprised at how much electricity we are using and a lot of it is devices in standby. I'd like to get an energy monitor up and running to display real time usage on my dashboards. I plugged in my old smart meter display and although it gives me some real time usage figures, I changed supplier some time ago and although the old SMETS 1 meter has had an OTA upgrade, the tariff is well out of date.

Is anyone using one that you can recommend (UK availability)? I can see that Qubino do a DIN mount model designed to fit in the consumer unit but I think my rail is full and I'd rather not mess with the meter tails as I'd have to pull the supply fuse (no DP isolator in the tails). A clamp type is preferable for ease - I can see that Aeotec do one for about £90 that might be worth a look. I'm not averse to installing a WiFi model but I must be able to get it working with Hubitat. Any advice appreciated.

Edit:I ordered the Aeotec model from Amazon. I'll give it a bash and if it's crap return it.

Just a heads up. Amazon have been known to resell stuff returned to them as DoA or faulty. It's not really a problem if its just "it doesn't work for me" but it is a problem if someone gets dead gear that's already been returned once..
You might also want to check that what your electric meter is reporting you are using is what you are actually using.. I did a week smartlife/shell energy check and shell energy (electric meter) was 10%+ high compared to my actual use and I have to have the temperature up at 24c due to Fibromyalgia and keeping reptiles..
I had my suspicions when my electric usage went up after I had more insulation fitted in the flat..


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I think in my case the usage is accurate. The main culprits (at least the ones I may be able to do something about):

1 - I have multiple Sonos Amps that are rarely used. Cumulatively they're using 50 watts while in standby 24/7. I've moved most of them today onto a common Z Wave plug. I've then set up a rule that will turn that outlet off whenever the alarm is part set or full set; and on again when the alarm is off. I can also knock it on/off manually from my dashboards and the amps only take 30 seconds to re appear on the Sonos app.

2 - I've a habit of having the TV on most of the day watching Sky News on a loop. That's using 250 watts so I'll make a determined effort to switch it off when not in use.

3 - I've a lot of LED strips that are using more power than I think they should be. Possibly I'm using an inefficient 12V switch mode power supply as opposed to a specific LED driver.