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Hi all, looking for recommendations for a Hubitat-friendly smoke alarm (available in the UK) that would replace this dumb thing? I don’t know anything about smoke alarms but I’m assuming it’s a fairly standard and basic one. TIA!

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I don't know of any ZigBee or z-wave ones for the UK. But I have the nest protects and I LOVE them, they are crazy prices but they are soooo nice. The path light is awesome, they look amazing, that they have carbon monoxide detectors in great for me. I have wood burners so would have to have separate smoke and carbon monoxide if it wasn't for nest.

They stick within the google eco system and they used to appear in ST or HE before google broke that connection. I'm hoping this will be re added in the future, but its cloud.

My wife's short and I have a old house so tall ceilings, again the app makes testing them and silencing them easy.

Just a note, as you can see your old ones are ionization so they have radio active parts. So don't throw them in the bin or damage them, they need to go to recycling centre. :slight_smile:


I've seen these. Never used one tho I can't imagine they would be great Roost Wi-Fi battery for smoke and CO alarms

Thanks for the recommendation! Yes, I've looked into Nest, but as you say, they are indeed pricey. I think of smoke detectors as an evil necessity and find it diffcult to be excited about. :slight_smile:

Someone else recommended Heiman: Smart Smoke Sensor Heiman HS1SA_HEIMAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED

Cheaper and they are Zigbee / Z-Wave versions. In fact they were recommended by people who used to use Nest, but once they expired decided to go for something cheaper that would do the job.

Yes, someone else also pointed me in their direction. I just can't wrap my brain around a 'battery' that smartifies a dumb smoke alarm, but perhaps it's just me. :slight_smile:

UK here. =)

I am literally a click-away from buying these: Smart Smoke Sensor Heiman HS1SA_HEIMAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED

For 4 of them on Aliexpress - £84.

I've also found a thread with a driver for these that seems to work: Heiman Smart Smoke Sensor HS1SA Zigbee

Great price!

Check out the price after delivery etc

Off topic - I think I made a bit of a discovery recently. I've often wondered why the methods I use for certain smart projects aren't as 'enthusiastically' used by others as I'd expected them to be. Cost. Essentially, I use wifi nodemcu's and konnected software to convert CHEAP (dumb) devices into smart. Central heating was one of my 'bigger' projects. As Boris said earlier, nests for example, are awesome. I just can't justify the costs =)

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I am looking at making my smoke detectors smart. But my existing ones are mains wired and have to be wired to comply with building regs in the UK (we had a loft conversion that made it 3 floors). I have just bought a SMK23R that fits on the base of my Kidde smoke alarms so I plan to connect some sort of zigbee sensor to it. Maybe adapting a door contact.

That's exactly what I use. UK too. Hardwired and interlinked. Use the dry contacts on the smoke's relay connected to a nodemcu as a smoke detector/ contact sensor. Works ace.

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+1 for the Heiman (zigbee) smoke detectors. I have a couple of these working directly with HE.

And like all the other devices from’s very reasonably priced...unlike what we can buy over here...

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Good to hear I'm on the right track. I'm now thinking of using a visonic 868 contract instead of zigbee, as that will integrate with my alarm and can set as a Fire zone, and the alarm integrates with my automation server :grin:

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