UK smartplug with Hubitat

What smartplugs are you guys using in the UK?

Everspring, TKB, ST, Ikea Tradfri to name but a few.

Well!! I just started using the Salus plugs. They are not the cheapest, but they do support power reporting.
There quite small in size (have to think about these things) and the plug on/off function from hubitat is lightning fast too.

If you are going to get a smartplug can I suggest you get one that is a good zigbee repeater. Ikea Tradfri certainly fall into that category. I had problems with the ST one repeating.

I’ve just ordered a Salus Sp600, purely because the Ikea one is too big for where I want to use it.
I’ve only just noticed the UK group, I thought I might be going out on a limb going from ST to HE but it looks like there’s a thriving community here, cheers guys :+1:t2:

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No problem.
That is why I liked the ST outlet but unfortunately it trashed my zigbee mesh. :pensive:

The Generic driver works out the box, if you want to measure power there is another driver.
There is a thread from today where I got the Salus to work with the driver from @martyn

My device did not report the power properly, if this is the case for you it's easy to edit a line as demonstrated lower down in the thread.

Good luck

I’ve half dozen of the Innr Zigbee Smart Plugs - work very well and good repeaters too!

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Do any of them have power readings, we keep forgetting the tumble dryer is finished

The SP600 are very good if you need power reporting, I've had a few for a while running without any issues. They also have a manual on/off button if you need that. Most of my general sockets though are Ikea Tradfri outlets which are cheap and work well if you don't need power reporting or a manual switch.

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I'm using a couple of IKEA Tradfri outlets in the garden (in waterproof boxes, no need for power buttons) and SmartThings Plugs (v2) indoors.

Got my Salus Sp600 up and running in 5 mins thanks to Geoff_T and Martyn’s driver, work great, thanks for the recommendation.


Did you have to change to code line to correct the wattage output?

I’ve only tried it with a LED lamp but it works well, reports about 8 watts which is about right but for me the most important thing is that it reports the change in power consumption.