UK Smart Plug with Power Monitoring

Hi, I am looking for a Zigbee smart plug to use on a Tumble dryer which includes power monitoring - does anyone know of any or where to buy them in the UK?


  • UK Power Plug
  • Power monitoring
  • Zigbee

Thanks in advance

SmartThings smart plug might fit your needs…

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Thanks for the pointer, I am probably being overly cautious, but on the Amazon page, and the Samsung page for that device not seeing the Zigbee logo or name anywhere... do you use these yourself?

I have these myself (visiting the page says I have bought these, so i'm sure its the exact same), it is zigbee and i use it for my washing machine amongst other things. That is a really good price i may buy some more.

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Thank you. I've ordered one now :slight_smile:

I bought 4.

@damianm can you confirm HE is receiving power monitoring data without trouble? I'm asking only because the SmartThings Smart Plug 2019 is not in the HE compatibility list - I just checked.

Yes, I can. I did not check the list as I brought most of them over from my SmartThings hub so just tried them. All my Zigbee power monitoring plugs are SmartThings 2019 and use the generic Zigbee outlet driver. At first, I used a user driver specifically for them which was iffy but have had no problems since switching to the generic driver.
I have many rules that use them.

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Thanks. Just put 2 on order.

Just checked the list and found this,

The model number of my 2019s are ZB-ONOFFPlug-D0005 so It appears to actually be compatible and not a device that works but is not supported.
Just checked the new arrivals as they had a different model number on the case. HE identifies them as the same model and on inspecting my older ones they have identical numbers on the case.

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