UK power monitor plugs

I still have a few things left on smartthings and doing my best to get rid of it!
What I have left is mainly things based on power consumption...

i.e - notification when washer or dryer has finished
changing mode based on bed phone charger...

Are there any UK plugs that do power monitoring reliably? I have been using the Greenwave Powernode with ST but these dont do the power monitoring in HE

My Greenwave did, pretty well too. That said, I've now sold them all apart from a power strip.

I've gone the Aurora double socket route for 3 plugs. These work very well, although a little slow on power updates, but they do report it at least.

Do these work direct with Hubitat?
May have to give one of these a go...

Any other aurora are a bit pricey, I've give up on HE fixing z-wave so looking to move to zigbee

I have Zwave working ok in 2.2.2 and have rolled back twice now!

The ST plugs report ok.

The Aurora 4 button controllers work brilliantly

Do you have a link to those Aurora ones? May be one to try out

I think @Royski found the cheapest link - brilliant service from them too

Salus SP600 are cheaper.


I have 3 of these (Salus SP600) using a custom driver with presence so you can get a report if it drops off the network.
Gives quick response to power level changes which I use to turn on bathroom and en suite fans. Working extremely well.

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@philpugh tuya power monitoring plugs with tasmota work pretty well.

Here you go Sir.

Not that cheap, but a great service from Edwards, and the sockets are pretty darn good. :+1:

And they repeat :wink:

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Are they zigbbe, ebay and amazon don't specify?
Is the driver on here?

Zigbee. Got mine off Ebay.
Yes I'll look for it.
Round about post 35 from this thread.

It incorporates the presence feature that markus developed for the Xiaomi/Aqara stuff.

Saw them on amazon so got two @ £23 each

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Mine is ok, its fast enough, but now and again the communications between the stick and hub stops working, only fix is a power down and disconnect.

Even worse if I have a dashboard open on my phone in the background

arrived today, power showed on the device details but didn't report with the generic zigbee driver.
Swapped over to the you suggested and up and running

I ordered 1x smartthings 2019 and 1x salus SP600.
I am finding that things don't report as well as the greennodes did in ST.
Essentially what I am trying to achieve is..

If power goes above 1 set a variable to true
If power is 0 then set variable to false

when the two variables i have are true house is set to night as means both phones are on charge on bedside tables
when both set to 0 it them changes to home

i'm finding the power doesnt update as quick as i would like. The ST plug is using a generic driver at the minute

To update on this,
The ST plug needed to have its reporting threshold changed to 0.5w and the Salus I'm using a different driver found on the thread for the device. I'll add it here if anyone needs it