UK hubitat

Looking at moving over from smartthings. I'd be interested in feedback from UK users. Standard setup zigbee/z-wave, with google voice commands and would like to use GH speakers for anouncments


Welcome to hubitat!

I do have some Google home speakers that I have used for announcements and it works well, but I mostly use the SONOS speakers now.

Everything else you have mentioned I use/have and everything has be smooth for me. Only thing to note is do you have ZigBee lamps, if so what manufacturers?

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Zigbee sockets, rgb bulb and Aurora dimmers, so Google anouncments work without another device in the middle?

I do also have some ip cameras which in the smartthings classic app could take snapshot, can this be done?

what brand? are they connected directly to the ST hub? Things are not slowed down like on ST so certain lamps struggle with this and wreak havoc on the mesh so it's usually best to seperate them over two hubs.

yes if you want it to announce a message on a google home speaker, there is a built in chromecast app but its still in beta but it does work, just make sure you reserve the device address in your router. That goes for most smart IP things, you should always ensure they stay at the same IP (best practice).

they are still/ should be sent to hubitat for some official drivers but currently they are not done yet.

unfortunately i don't know about this as currently don't have any. certainly nothing official, but i believe there are some community integrations.

What do you mean by two hubs for the lamp

I guess you have been on ST any going back?

Is the a smartthings link so I can move thing across slow time? Small ish home so not to worried about the mesh

Yeah, search hubconnect on the forum, that does the job perfectly especially for stuff that isn't yet supported.

No chance of me going back

Essentially two ZigBee mesh networks one for lamps one for everything else.

2 ways 1st if you have only hue lamps then connect them to the hue bridge and use the built in app to link them to HE. Then everything else ZigBee get connected to HE.

2nd and probably the best way is to have 2 HE hubs (then you can connect any lamps to it) then using hubconnect you link the hubs as one.

Can I copy and paste my ST apps and device handlers?

Is hub connect with ST two way?


Yes but some changes are needed most are simple others are not. There is a few threads showing the normal changes somewhere. But I would search the forum first as most have probably already been done or are officially support now.

Is there an official app repository?

All I have seen is the hubitat driver repository.

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