UK/EU Compatibility


If it comes via UK post it will get held up in customs anyway
You will need to pay duty on it
I paid about £35
They won’t release it until this is paid



I ordered one on the weekend it was announced but it hasn’t arrived yet. US tracking seems fine but once it hits the UK it goes into a black hole.



Sorry to be a pain but how long has it been so far since ordering on line to now.


It was announced 10 days ago. I think you need that holiday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


10 days. Thankyou.
Should be able to order and be back before it turns up.


And your right, I do need that holiday. :airplane::sunglasses::desert_island::tropical_drink::beer:


3rd March it was shipped.


Seems like it is not shipping outside Europe or USA, is there any plan to do so? Thinking of getting a UK version


@bobgodbold Just to let you know mine has arrived today. The import costs were £29.90.



Thanks for the info.


Hi @bravenel do you have any idea if the UK hub can be shipped elsewhere in the world other than europe? Thanks


Sure, we could ship it pretty much anywhere. It’s being mailed from the US via USPS First Class International.

Where’d you have in mind?


I am located in Asia but I don’t see the option to my country in the order page that’s why I am asking


If you can tell me where you are, I will enable shipping for you. And confirm that you would want the UK power adapter.


Can anyone in uk please tell me the longest they have had to wait for delivery? I have no faith in Parcel force and as no tracking waiting in is a pain


I seem to remember it took around a week to get to the UK.
Then I got a letter to say that I needed to pick it up and pay duty on it. I’m assuming you will be the same. I wouldn’t wait in, just wait for the letter to arrive.


It got in uk at weekend but nothing else does letter come in normal post ?


If I remember correctly, tracking said it was with the Post Office in the UK.
I believe the letter came through about a week later. Went down to local sorting office specified in the letter, paid the duty and took possession of the hub.


@bravenel you should consider getting a EU warehouse for shipment.
The duty costs depending on EU country can go up to 30% and this is not only over the cost of the device but shipping cost too.

So í have ordered my HUbitat (still in transit) @ $139 PLUS shopping + Duty that totally expected cost will be around 200€ almost double the cost.
What seems not very fair to be honest.

Just my $2


We are working towards this, but don’t have enough UK customers to justify it yet. It’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem. We do have some conversations under way with UK parties to address this.