UK E14 Tunable White Bulbs

Hi Fellow UK Hubitat’arians...

I’ve seen these Linkind Turnable White bulbs on Amazon and wondered if anyone has had any luck using them with HE. Link to Amazon: Linkind Smart Bulbs, Zigbee LED Candelabra Bulb E14 Base C35, for Decorative Candle Lights, Chandelier, 5.4 W, 520lm, Tunable(2700k-6500k), Linkind Hub Required, Compatible with Alexa, Pack of 2

I’ve seen a related post about their Door Window Sensors and within that post it mentions other devices from the company having Zigbee 3.0 but nothing specific about the bulbs. They’re only £19 for two so good value if they work well with HE.

Any luck out there? I’m specifically looking for E14 so limited options wither than Hue or Innr....

Seen these too but have heard they’re a bit flacky with the zigbee mesh - anyone using these with HE without mishaps?

OSRAM Smart+ -

I've gone ahead and purchased the Osrams. They're paired via the Hue integration.

You need to use the Hue group function to avoid the popcorn affect when turning them on and off as a group. Plus they don't have the saved state like Hue bulbs do. However for the price of £6.50 per white tunable it's a pretty decent deal.

How are the bulbs work for you? I was interested in them also.

The Innr brand work well, they are fairly cheap. I have had no issues with the ones have odd Amazon.

Only thing to be aware of their white bulbs only go up to 5000k the colour go up to 6500

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