UK Blind motors

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Has anybody in the UK found any reliable blind motors compatible with hubitat?

I used to use these but when I bought one the last time they have changed the firmware and now they don't work without a hub (frustratingly the hardware seems to be the same!)

I'm also curious if anybody has found anything suitable for working venetian blinds - ideally I'd like to be able to lower/raise as well as tilt, but I'd settle for tilt!

Finally, one of the blind motors linked to above seems to struggle to receive the signal - but only recently! Is there anything I can do to boost the signal to that area?


Mine works ace (UK)

Take a look at this thread

I'm using the same and they work pretty well. I get a few anomalies where they either fail to open/close or they do open/close correctly but don't update their position (which means my motion lights continue to operate when they shouldn't). I think this is down to two things; firstly I don't have many zigbee devices (about 3 or 4) so there's no mesh to speak of, and secondly I could probably do with starting from scratch and recalibrating it as the cord stretched a bit. I paid about £60 from Ali Express for the AM43 motor so no complaints.

Mine's spot on. Paid around half that, from what I recall.

Here's one:

I use the Aqara E1 around my house with no issues.

I prefer to have mains powered ones and a controller so mine are "dumb" and then with a sunricher zigbee blind controller they work great.

This way you also get a local control switch.

The am43 (?) in my link is also mains powered with button controls. I'm really impressed with it.

Thinking of adding another to allow the blinds to be fully opened... At the moment the motor just 'tilts'.

/ fyi

Is it not battery powered?; the power supply is just for charging. Mine also came with a little solar panel but I'll not be sticking that on the window. I haven't seen any bead chain motors that are truly mains powered (by mains, in this case I mean a permanent power supply of any voltage)

It's a permanent 12v supply. Not charging.

I hate battery powered devices with a passion. One more thing to keep an eye on.


So it doesn't have a battery? If it's permanently powered will that model act as a Zigbee repeater?

Edit: I've just had a look at the link you posted. I might have to swap mine out if that one also works with the same driver; I can easily get a 12V supply to it and would prefer to not have to remember to charge it every month or two.

Correct. No 12v = no power.

Definitely no battery.

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