UI Suggestion

I'd like to suggest an improvement to the device tiles page. Why not show the current state of the primary attribute of the device in the tile, instead of having to click and open that device's page. A simple On or Off or Active, etc.


That page is not updated dynamically. So, you would have to refresh to get the actual state. There was a similar problem with rules on the apps page showing the correct state of their restriction. I think this would cause more confusion that it would solve.

Couple issues that we have to deal with. There is no such thing as a primary attribute. All attributes are equal.

Making that page dynamic is also an issue but that is easier to solve.

One of my desires is to continue to separate out the admin and user level controls. So this isn't the right spot to fix this. Ideally a separate user level view of devices that would be dynamic is one of my goals.

Appreciate the suggestion.


With that said. There are a few "useful" attributes. If a device has a battery, temp, and/or contact covers about 90% of typical sensors. Then anything with switch could be shown for easy on/off.

The other issue is loading all that extra data for devices slows things down. So have to do it in a way that doesn't create additional delays.

Anyway, dashboards are a better way to show what you want to see at a glance.