UI problem with Android

If one wants to set a trigger event to Sunset - 30 minutes, the numeric field for entering the offset in minutes causes a special numeric keyboard to pop up. But this keyboard has no minus sign.

Under IOS, we get a standard keyboard with all keys available. But with Android (version 9), it seems impossible to enter a negative value.

I have another (older) tablet with Android 6 and it offers a more complete keyboard which includes signs.

I've had the same issue and had to go back into my rule from an iOS device or computer to add the -

Odd this is from my pixel 3xl running Android 9 latest and it has a minus input.

What phone / device is this?

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Android 9)
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (Android 9)

I also tried on an old Note 7: with Android 7. Same problem.

Same issue here with Galaxy S10. It seems to be an issue with the Samsung keyboard. I installed Gboard and it shows the sign option. See pics below from same phone.

Samssung Keyboard



Excellent suggestion. That works well for me.:+1:

Yup. I never used the Google keyboard in the past because...well..it sucked compared to Samsung's keyboard. I just customized it and I think I might like it better now. Glad you posted this "issue". :laughing:

Mine is a Samsung Tab A, I'll try the Gboard keyboard tonight, thanks.

This is almost 100% Samsung's problem. There are not separate keyboard intents for positive numbers and negative numbers. There is just one intent for numbers as far as I know. The developer for the Samsung keyboard couldn't fathom that numbers can be negative I guess.

*edit: Yes, look at this... javascript - input type=number not possible to insert negative numbers on mobile phone - Stack Overflow You can at least switch to a keyboard that has a negative/dash though, right?

Yep. As noted in an earlier post.
How they could drop the ball on something so basic? It's like forgetting a letter of the alphabet on a querty keyboard...