[UI Gremlin] BC 'Copy Button' resets name in copied rule [C-7] []

While this constituted a minor quibble, it's sufficiently annoying in practice to warrant mentioning... In BUTTON CONTROLLER app, if you use the "Copy Button "function – to, say, replicate "Button 5 Pushed" into the "Button 5 Released" slot – then the cloned version winds up with a default Name (like "Bedside Remote: button 5 released") instead of inheriting it from the source (e.g. "Turn on Bedside Lamp").

This requires the user to revisit each copied instance to give it a more suitable name by clicking it and editing the "Rename This Button Rule" field, as shown below. (NOTE: Meanwhile, the "Re-Assign Button" function preserves the rule's name.)

Is this intended behavior? If not . . .

  • Could BC instead simply carry over the existing (source) name?
  • Failing that, could the copy be given a name like "[Original_Rule] Copy"?

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