UI Enhancement Request - Button Labels

This is a proposal for a minor user-interface enhancement.

The problem to be solved is that, as Z-Wave devices add more buttons, it can be confusing (from a non-developer, end-user perspective) which button is being referenced in the web interface. As an example, consider the Inovelli LZW36 controller which has 6 buttons - there's no indication of how button numbers map to the buttons on the device itself.

To fix this, what I propose is that for the pushable, releasable, holdable, and doubletappable capabilities, a new method "setLabels" be added (setPushLabels, setReleaseLabels, setHoldLabels, setDoubleTappableLabels)

These "setLabels" methods would take a simple JSON structure (array, map, whatever), which would associate each button # with a label. For example

setPushLabels(buttonLabels: [ {button: 1, label: "1: Paddle Top"}, {button:2, label:"2: Paddle Bottom"}])

The push, release, hold, doubleTap controls on the web interface (as well as controls within Rule Machine and other apps) could then show the label name if it was defined or just the number if the label was not defined. Internally, the button # would still be used so code that didn't understand labels would work as expected and if a label wasn't defined, the system would just act as it currently does.

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