Ugreen NAS?

I saw an ad for UGREEN NAS that's supposed to launch on Kickstarter tomorrow. Has anyone else seen it? Any speculation if it's going to be any good?

More details on the individual models at the link below.

UGREEN NAS | NASync Series

It is kind of hard to tell but doesn't look half bad. Personally I wouldn't get anything other the one of the units with the Intel 1235U, but that is because I would want to virtualize it. The big question for me would be if i can load whatever OS I want on it, or would I be stuck with the UGOS Pro that is one them.

It all depends on how that priced holds up over time. The kickstarter prices will help it be a good deal initially, but after that those MSRP's are going to be ruff.

The DXP480T is a interesting idea for a all NVME storage device. There are cheaper options there, but with that processor you will have enough PCIe Lanes to really leverage the NVME drives and the 10GB nic

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Did a little more digging found thie Beta review

That list of software CONs is pretty ugly, in my opinion/for how I use a NAS. But I guess it depends on how an end user will use it.

Nice hardware and specs though.

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If you want something to play with, then go for it. If you want rock solid performance with many years of refinement, then stick with the established brands, IMO.

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I would go with something tried and true like QNAP


I have 3 QNAP at home and dozens of Synology at work.

Neither brand are perfect, but I know they are supported and they have proven reliable in the field, which means something to me.


I like this guy and he did a review. He has a beta unit.

New video today

I see very little upside to taking a chance on this crowdfunded NAS line when as already mentioned, QNAP and Synology can both do a pretty good job for most people’s NAS needs, there are other established companies that make NAS boxes, and of course you could build your own and run something like TrueNAS or openmediavault.

That said, I agree that 4x m.2 ssd model looks nice :slightly_smiling_face:.


I am with you.
I have my 2 bay DS220+ which does everything I need it to do. Sure I would love to have a four bays but like you, that doesn't mean I am willing to fund a kickstarter.


I'll just chime in with my experience with the brand.

I picked up two of their USB 2.0 switches a while back for bouncing between personal and work computers. Had no issues with them. Flipped to the USB 3.0 model and found that both of them were back feeding 5V to whichever PC they were switched to. That's no bueno.

You all have gotten me at least looking at Synology again. If the listing says DISKLESS, am I correct in interpreting that to mean I need to purchase the HDD/SSD to go in it? so, is it really just the box? Yeah, I'm starting down a rabbit hole here. I feel it coming on.

Yes, diskless means just that. You can usually find preconfigured systems at a cheaper price than buying things separately, even though you may have to assemble them yourself.


Every once in awhile, there are good deals elsewhere, but I would recommend B&H if you are looking at Synology, with or without disks. Their pricing is pretty good but they always seem to have great stock.
I have lost count of how many we have deployed, but have been incredibly pleased with them.

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No need to go down a rabbit hole. Grab a good Synology that meets your needs and don't look back. I have owned Synology for years and never had an issue. Great hardware and software.

I have a QNAP ts-453a that has been running since 2017. Nothing wrong with it but wanted an upgrade. Just had a QNAP TS-673a delivered today with dual 1tb SSD nvme for the system drive and 64g ram upgrade. Fitting with 6 18tb seagate ironwolf HDD in either RAID 5 or RAID 6 configuration.


NAS was bought on Amazon which came with a free QNaP 2.5gbe network switch. I also have a 10gb SFP+ PCIE card coming to add to it to do a 10g fiber link to my PC for fast PC to NAS file transfers for large video files.

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I have a TS-451 I bought in 2014 that is still running. Supports my needs but know it needs an upgrade. QNAP hasn't released a new Intel or AMD based rack mount NAS in a few years (minus the one that just came out) so hoping they do soon. Existing came out in March 2022. Know if I buy a new one they will shortly announce something so trying to be patient.

I want an AMD or Intel based NAS so I can run Virtualization Station and VMs. I just recently spun up a Home Assistant VM for local Ecobee and Aqara FP2 integration via homekit.

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I’m running most of my stuff in docker containers on my ts-453a but realized that the NAS is a single point of failure for the entire house. So I’m moving the NAS to just media storage only. I’ve picked up a single N100 and 3 N305 fanless miniPC. My goal is to run the n100 as my router/ firewall with OPNsense and use the N305s in a high available cluster running proxmox to house my Influxdb, Grafana, HA, Homebridge, and Plex VMs to start.