Ubiquiti Mpower?

I am new to Hubitat--in fact, this is my first post. I am pretty excited about the potential here. I have been automating since ~2005, with UPB, z-wave, X10RF hardware among many others on various platforms. Hubitat looks very interesting because it is low power footprint, local, and evidently a vibrant community.

I have been looking at supported devices (official and community) and I see a lot of what I have is supported except my Ubituity mPower mFi networked power strips. Does anyone have these working with Hubitat?

I have seen integrations that both use the java based ubiquiti server, and communicating directly for other platforms, but I do not see them mentioned at all on this board. They are really nice power strips so I would like to integrate them if possible rather than replace.


A cursory google says it's something that can happen (appears Ubiquiti allow direct connections and control via SSH at a minimum):

Though I don't see a working ST or HE integration after 2-3 minutes of searching.

I'm guessing no one has taken known commands and wrapped them up into a device driver, but I'm also guessing it's possible with some work.

I gave up and sold my mpower strips on ebay.
replaced with the new Zooz zen 20

I bought a Zooz to test, but haven’t set it up yet. Visually the mPower appears much nicer, plus I have a nice wired network and prefer that if possible. Not sure there is a nicer power strip for the money, but due to the somewhat obscurity of the devices it seems that they are not widely supported. Although I think I heard that one of the main mFi devs was hired to Home Assistant so it will be surprising if it is not eventually supported there. At any rate if it’s not terribly difficult you would have at least one user on Hubitat that would use it, and I suspect more if they are readily available on eBay.

@redmtb go to this link at Smartthings? I had one of the Mpower strip and had it running with Smartrthings nbut you should be able to port it over to Hubitat in fact it was @patrick that wrote the device type for Smartthings?

Which link?

mPower has a REST API, so it should be doable locally.

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