Typical motion lighting rule help

So now I have a number of switches installed and a bunch of motion sensors and now I need to setup some rules. I know there are multiple ways to do it and looking for suggestions on optimizing my rules

Here is what I have so far

Masterbath has 2 groups of lights (so 2 different Lutron Caseta's) There will be 3 motion sensors to cover the main area of the masterbath.

I am trying to accomplish:
During the modes of Day, Evening and Morning when a motion sensor is tripped turn lights on 100% and leave on for 2 minutes (ie if someone is standing still for 2 minutes then shut the lights off).
After 2 minutes of inactivity from any of the 3 sensors then turn lights off.

now if mode is "night" then I want to turn the lights on but only at 30%(ish) because typically its someone walking through the bathroom to the toilet room and we don't want them blinding. Let lights turn off after sensor goes inactive.

Here is what I have so far: (granted only 1 sensor - i will add the other 2) and the image below is only turning the lights on during day/evening/morning.

So my question is do I have to define a separate rule to turn them off? I am assuming Select Actions for False will not work because during the day they would always be true.

Am I over complicating it and I realize this is a big question - I just don't want to over create rules.

Is this the sort of thing you are after?

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BTW. The reason you have conditions that you then define as rules is to allow you to do things like this.


So you can turn on for each mode set dim level and turn off all in the same rule .... that is awesome ..

Big help.

So I have a question - putting all the actions for various modes in one rule is awesome - but what if I only want "Night" mode to have a turn off delay after 30 seconds (instead of 2 minutes)?

I am assuming I would have to exclude night and create it's own Rule or is there a way to perform that change in the same rule.

I would suggest you keep it to 1 minute minimum, since most motion sensors have at least a 30 second time to inactive once triggered. So you would want to be sure your motion sensor is ready again since it's one of your conditions.

Right.. but what I am curious about is if during Night mode how would you change that delay value (is it possible in same rule) or do you have to exclude Night from this rule and create it's own rule?

I'm not saying it's not possible but just that I haven't found a way to do it. I've had to split it into 2 rules

Ok - that is what I was afraid of - no big deal - I will just create a night Rule and it will work slightly differently. I just wanted to be sure - thank you.

There's a tendency for WebCoRE'ers to "fear" Rule Machine (RM) rules, at least the quantity element. Have no fear, RM can and does handle hundreds if not thousands of Rules. :slight_smile:

I think because WebCoRE displays the piston as if it were one, people feel "cheated" if RM demands more. However, I suspect that if you were to disect the piston, you'd find a similar number of rules all wrapped in a beautiful container.

Like most, I used WebCoRE exclusively on ST. I didn't find the transition at all difficult. If you start by making "too many" Rules, reducing/optimizing is probably going to help the learning process.

I really love @bravenel ‘s building block analogy. It really has helped me understand that adding rules can enhance or “build” onto the rule structure in trying to create.

It’s not a distructive thing. Just need to assemble the blocks correctly and I’m learning more about the best ways to do that everyday.

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Understood - I think my "afraid" comment was more about the lightbulb on setting up the rule and controller different aspects based on modes for turning on ... but not turning off.

I do get your point and I don't have a problem with RM -its fairly easy as you get to know what the parts do.

But let me ask this -

What would make the most sense.

  1. Remove turning on the light during night mode and creating a who other rule for turning on and off like I want

  2. Creating another rule for just turning it off.

I presume #1

I have chosen #2 more often...

Independent of motion, independent of mode or time of day, I want most of my lights OFF after their use has ended.

I have some rules with time restrictions, some with time as a condition. That's all about turning them on, but for OFF, I want them off when the delay is up.

So I've quite a few rule-pairs that have the same Event trigger, like a motion sensor, that turns the light on starting when it's around sunset. Then there's the off rule that has the identical motion sensor but no time element. Nothing for True, false has the delay, cancel, off functionality.

Either Motion Lighting app or Simple Lighting app might do this as well or better, but as I've said elsewhere, I came from ST and WebCoRE and after investing the learning curve for RM, I've been sticking with it :smiley:

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Interesting - Going to step back and think about it.