Two ZigBee outlets showing for same device

Good day, all. I have a two story house. The main floor is upstairs; the downstairs is a finished basement I virtually never use. I wanted to fit three small table fans to run 15 minutes at a time several times during the day, each fan on its own schedule to break up the flow, so to speak.

I set one up as DS Fan Center. It is fine.

But, I am sure I set up DS Fan South and DS Fan Utility Room separately, but show two smart outlets for DS Fan South. One is shown as having a parent device.

How do I break up this mess so I can set things up as I want? As always, thanks to you all.

The Friendly Grizzly

Which zigbee outlet are you using?

Dependent on that, this should be simple to resolve. You would have to:

  1. Switch to the built-in driver called "Device".
  2. Delete all child devices.
  3. Switch the appropriate driver for your zigbee outlet.
  4. Click Configure.

I'm not sure what you mean starting with #1, but, here is what I found.

First, to answer your question, these are Third Reality ZigBee smart plugs.

Now to the facts: the DS Util Rm and DS Center both are fine and are "Device Type: Generic Zigbee Outlet". They function perfectly.

However, the one for DS Fan South comes up as "Device Type Nue Zigbee Switch".

... and gives this on the Device page:

I tested it, and yes, it switches fine, but I see no reason for one of my (so far) three Third Reality Zigbee plugs to be behaving this way. While I await your reply, I will take out the fourth of four I bought, and see how it identifies.

The Friendly Grizzly

I just installed the fourth new outlet, and it installed in HE as an outlet as can be seen below. "ZZZ" is just stuff I have set aside for experimenting.

When initially added, some devices just choose the wrong driver -- in this case, that one 3R plug gravitated to the Nue driver for some reason (who knows why - it's nothing you did wrong).

Follow @aaiyar's steps to clear out its existing info, and in step 3, just make sure "Generic Zigbee Outlet" is selected as it's Device Type (i.e. driver). Hopefully, it comes up that way by itself, but if not, just manually make that selection before doing step 4

You should be all set after that.

ETA -- for this very reason, I've learned to always verify the Device Type when adding anything new. Most of the time it's not an issue, but every now & then, this happens.

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Removing the child device is impossible. Its "Remove Device" button is greyed (or is that grayed?) out.

I'll just use my fourth one, set this one aside, and try to figure it all out later. I can't get support from Third Reality because I am the one person on Planet Earth that doesn't have a Facebook account.

Ha, I don't have FB either. I don't think you'd get much help from 3R anyway - I'm pretty sure they'd just point back to getting help from Hubitat.

Can you do @aaiyar's steps from the parent device? Ignore the child devices for now... They'll get taken care of inherently if we can fix up that parent.

ETA -- just to clarify @aaiyar's Step 1, change the existing "Nue Zigbee Switch" selection to just plain "Device" in the "Type" menu for the parent device. It may sound odd, but plain "Device" will be an option in that menu (pretty much for this very reason!). The "Device" type will then surface the option to clear out the child devices. Working from memory here, but look for other options that may help clear stuff out too -- that'll all help give you a clean slate once again.

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Hi - this should get you started. Basically, as @hydro311 indicated, the wrong driver was chosen when your plug was paired. But this can be fixed.

For Step 1 of my instructions above, this is what you do:

Step two onward is now straightforward. You will delete the child devices using a button called "Delete Child Devices" that will appear on the device page after you change the driver to "Device".

The new driver you should pick after removing the Child Devices, will be "Generic Zigbee Outlet".


Got, and also aaiyar's reply. I'll have to attend to this later, but took screen grabs of both your replies.

As the old radio show used to say, "King, this case is closed!

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Could you close this thread?

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