Two Years and Totally Satisfied but

It was June 2022, when I dumped Vera and jumped to Hubitat. Before Vera, I had IRIS, which is what got me hooked on the whole smart home to begin with.
During the last 24 months, I have not had a single crash, or hiccup, or issue. It has been totally dependable. Unfortunately, the previous hubs which were cloud based, were continuously sending messages that it was offline, or updating, and dropping devices, etc.
I'm purchasing the full HE subscription going forward so I can have regular backups, etc, and eventually migrate to the new hub.
I just wish the developers would include the "live log" as and option on the dashboard. It was a feature, on the IRIS dashboard that truly provided beneficial information at a glance. The Hub is already compiling the data and storing it, shouldn't be a problem opening a window in the dashboard reflecting the last 10 or so entries. I'm not a programmer but I'm sure it can be done with little to no impact to the HUB.


Hmmm might be able to be done, but currently would have to respect the 1024 character limit if you wanted to access it from off the local network.

Edit: Looks like it would take an external device to capture the logs and return them - hub doesn't allow connecting to a websocket as a receiver ony as the transmitter.

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I have a Hubitat driver that captures the data from Live Logging and then sends it to a InfluxDB Database. That potentially could be modified to store the last x number for records possibly. The problem then would be to how do you get that data on the new dashboards. Well, The cpu usage impact as well could be a concern.

It would be better if there was just a live logging tile that looked at the same Live logging data stored on the hub. If I recall it is just a flat file.

Could reroute it to version of the Notification Tile

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Hey thanks for your input! The data is already there, so a tile to pull it for display shouldn't be a big deal.

Hey Mavrrick, thanks for your input. I like the "live logging tile" idea. Like I said, data is already there, so a tile to read "x" number of lines and display with the other data displayed on the dashboard. I'm not one of those "advanced" users that has a dozen other systems migrated to the HE. Just 70 or so devices, motion sensors in all rooms, various switches, thermostat, garage opener, etc. Michael

Here is the link to my InfluxDB Live Logger

So at this point it would be a mix of those two drivers most likely.

The purpose of this driver was to put the Live Logging into a InfluxDB Database so you could review the logs on the occasion you needed to. I am not sure how beneficial having the last 10 or so log entries would be. Some Smartapps would blow through that doing a single task. This also means keeping the data updated which could be intensive as well.

Just for reference the dashboard I use in InfluxDB is below. It is great when researching what is going on. Ofcourse though that isn't completely internal to Hubitat.

Think I could grab the relative code from your driver and combine it with mine fairly easily.

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Super appreciate your sharing!

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Happy to help if i can. Just be careful with that device/virtual driver. It can be very chatty since it captures everything.

It has logic in it to ignore logs from itself so you should never see it in the output.


For the Legacy Dashboard the following device driver should allow you to capture log entries for the hub and display it using the Attribute Tile:

May need a little polish but should provide the basic functionality requested.


I would be happy if there was an app or capability that would alert the user if a log entry was a "error".

I think @bptworld had something that did that, not sure if it still work though since they are not maintaining a lot of code anymore.

That would probably require a app to go along with the driver. The app would allow the configuration and manage the notification part. The driver already does the parsing. It would just need to be modified to send the alert to the parent app for the event you are looking for.

v1.0.2 should be available via HPM soon.

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