Two Users Using Hubitat, Only One User Sees Hue Group w/in Google Home App

Hey all … question.

On Hubitat, I have two emails (household members) on the account…an admin and guest.

I use Hue and have linked Hue’s hub to Hubitat.

I then took the Hue groups I created within Hue and “linked” them to the Google Home app inside Hubitat.

Within Google Home, there are two users … myself and the other household member (same as the two Hubitat emails).

When I open the Google Home app on my phone, it shows two Hue groups I had created only linked to me … the admin of Hubitat; She doesn't see those groups (Downstairs and Home).

Question is, why am I able to see those “linked devices” within the Google Home app and she can’t? Is it because she’s a “guest” on the Hubitat platform?

Just trying to figure out why she’s not seeing those two “linked” groups within the Google Home app.

I’d sure like her to see the Downstairs and Home group too.

did she add hubitat in her google home and link the account? just adding it in hubitat won't automatically add it to the google home

That did the trick! Thanks. ))

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