Two responses from one Get Command

I think I know the answer to the below; but I hope I am wrong.

TP-Link Devices fragment Get return message into two separate messages. This occurs (sometimes) when the message length exceeds a certain length. I do not know why. However, I have not been able to find a way in Hubitat (or SmartThings) to receive the second return so that I can properly parse the message.

Samsung Speakers embed two HTTP responses into a single message. (Seen in wireshark.) When a Get command is sent, two responses are provided in a single wireshark line. Hubitat (and SmartThings) apparently only pass the first message to the parse method. Usually, the real response is in the second message.

Samsung Speakers send multiple returns on a single command. Example. When changing a play channel, they send several returns: Stop Playback, New Player information, Start Playback. I can not find a way to "Subscribe" to the interface (tried several).

Any ideas or feedback would be appreciated. My assumption is I must work around these.