Two Nest Thermostats: if one goes in, the other goes off

Hi all — I was referred here via Reddit. I have two Nest Gen3 Learning Thermostats. I’m wondering if I can use Hubitat to create a rule that if one goes on, the other goes off, and vice versa. It’s be handy because they are situated on separate floors and control separate systems (one A/C, one heat) which can create all sorts of problems. Let me know? Thank you in advance.

This is what I use to connect to my nest t-stat. [RELEASE] Google SDM API - Nest integration

Thank you @JamesTX10. Do you happen to know whether the type of rule I'm proposing is possible to create with Hubitat—that if one Nest clicks on, the other Nest clicks off?

@Hubitat_Staff — any insight?

Well, the Nest integration isn’t a built-in integration, so it is unlikely staff can comment on its function. But in general, if the Nest thermostat driver is like other thermostat drivers, it would be possible to write an automation that turns one off when the other turns on.

That would be possible and much more, with devices tested by our engineers, however, as @aaiyar mentioned, Nest devices have not been tested, so your experience may vary.

Hubitat Elevation offers a robust rule engine platform that can handle simple to complex automation rules.

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Appreciate the input everyone. I think I'll purchase a Hubitat and give it a whirl, then report back here. Again, thanks!

If I had a Nest, I would use @yracine66's Nest integration:


@Hubitat_Staff @JamesTX10 Huzzah—I bought a Hubitat Elevation and used Google's SDM API — Nest Integration, per jamesTX10's suggestion. It took a bit of technical work (leveraging Apps Code + Drivers Code and, finally, Rules Machine), but the configuration is done. And now if one turns on, the other turns off, and both can be off at the same time, too. Thank you everyone for your support and answers, including the github links that made this possible.


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