Two motion sensors, one chime, want different chimes for each motion event

I have two motion sensors and one chime. I want a different sound for each motion event. How do I do that? System is HomeKit, HOOBS, HE, Aeotec Siren 6.

Not possible?


Does the chime support multiple chime sounds? If so, how? Are there commands for each sound or do you have to use a command to set the sound and then another command to play the sound?

The way you asked your question basically excludes everybody from answering unless they go do a bunch of research for you. I don't know anything about HOOBS so I don't know if your sensors are virtual or if they are devices at all. I don't own a Aeotec Siren 6. The vast majority are going to be in this same boat.

The answer to almost everything like this is use Rule Machine. It's a built-in app. You install it by clicking the "Apps" link on the left nav and choosing it from the "Add Built-In App" button.

The simple way is probably to create two rules; one rule with a trigger of the one motion sensor and the other with a trigger of the second motion sensor. Then in the actions you can choose the chime and do whatever you need on it to play one sound. On the other rule change it to do the other sound.

You can do it in one rule but if you are asking this question you don't know about Rule Machine and it's best to start slow.

Maybe you just don't know what to ask but you might consider that you won't get much of an answer when you don't ask much of a question. Welcome to the community though. :+1:

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I have no clue how the Homekit or HOOBS ties into this, but when the Aeotec Siren 6 is joined to Hubitat it creates a child chime device and in Rule Machine you can use the chime's playSound(#) command to play a different sound # for each motion sensor.


I started playing with RM and playSound last night. I have two virtual switches and with those from within HE I can trigger different chime sounds for each switch. HOOBS is a bridge between Apple HomeKit and some other hub such as HE. HOOBS is presenting the virtual switches to HK, but the problem I am having now is that I can see those switches getting triggered in HK but the trigger isn't getting bridged into HE. BTW, thank you for the welcome.