Two Lights Go Off ~10 Sec After the Rest in Scene Since Recent Update

I have an "all off" scene that I've not modified in months, and it worked fine. In fact, I've not changed anything in HE for months, except for occasional firmware updates.

Starting at some point in the last string of releases (a few weeks ago), when I hit a button or give a voice command that runs this scene, all the lights turn off...except for two. Around ten seconds later, they eventually turn off. They're lights of two different types (but the same as some others which turn off right away), and no other scenes seem to be impacted. I have metering on, but obviously that's just milliseconds, and again, only these two lights in this one scene are impacted. Other scenes or actions that shut these same lights off work just fine.

I really am not even sure where to start. The only other thing I've noticed is that when running the "goodnight" routing with Google Assistant (which triggers this scene), HE gives a message that it can't reach Hubitat (but clearly it can, as everything works fine...except those two lights being delayed in one scene).

Any ideas on how I could even begin to debug this? I just enabled logging for the scene and am not seeing issues (captures events, but looks fine), though there was one error from a bit before I enabled logging (maybe errors still show up?). I've posted that below.

Java.lang.StackOverflowError: null on line 673 (method allOff)

I would suggest two things.

  • Post screenshots of the logs of this happening, and maybe someone can spot something.

  • List the devices that are affected (brand model).

Beyond that, I would see if there is anything that sticks out in either device stats, or app stats that might point to the hub being overwhelmed somehow.

No idea there, but if you are getting this where it is repeatable, it is probably something we should bring up to staff. But they will probably want to see logs leading up to this error.


You could also try downgrading your platform back to what you had before to confirm that the issue was introduced with the platform update, or if it just coincided but not related.

To do this, go to https://hubitat.local:8081, then click on “Restore Previous Version” and chose which version to go back to.

This will only change the platform version and doesn’t impact rules and apps unless they are using newly added functionality.

It is still a good idea to perform a backup before you do this.

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