Two identical openers and two identical SOLVED

Hi All

the first one works, the second one does not. Identical openers, all other functions work fine. One has variables, one does not, I don't understand how they got to be different

Looks like "Lori's Garage Opener" is the one not working. If you go to the device page and click on 'events', do the open/close events show up? I would compare them to the one that is working to make sure they look the same.

On the surface, this looks like the second rule is not getting triggered, meaning the device is not updating.

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Simple rule - I'd just recreate it and see if it works. Might be a glitch in the database.

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tried multiple times

apparently the opening is not showing.

There's your rule problem. Now you gotta figure out why the device isn't logging it.

You said they're the same devices, right? Are they using the same HE driver? Are these Zwave, ZigBee, or WiFi?

They are Zwave devices. I don't know about the driver. It took forever to get it to include. It was a replacement for one that stopped working, but I had a legacy rule and it didn't want to get modified, so I made two new ones. One works

I cycled the power on the unit and ran the door up and down. it works now. Thanks guys


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