Two hubs, two homes, copy rules

I am currently a Smartthings/Webcore user, and I am interested in migrating to Hubitat.

I currently have two homes and two Webcore accounts. Most of my pistons are duplicated in each home. Therefore, I create a piston for one home, and copy it to the second home. I can debug and modify the piston at either home, and copy it to the other home quite easily. This saves a lot of programming time.

To accommodate the different devices in each home, I use local variables within each piston. Depending on the piston location, they changed within the piston. I also use this same method to change any variables which may be different at each location.

I see in Hubitat RM that I can copy rules located on the same hub. Are there any recommendations for moving individual rules to another hub?

Any recommendations to help me deal with two similar Habitat installations would be appreciated.

Unfortunately there is no way to copy/move an RM rule from one hub to another hub.

Why not carry on using webCoRE?
There has been a lot of improvements with it on HE and I'm using it for the majority of my automations on HE.


I leave one of my homes during the winter for up to 4 months. It runs our security system, so it has to be rock solid. I thought updates from Samsung could interfere with that.

I think @bobbles means - why not keep using WebCoRE on Hubitat?


Yeah, sorry.
Just install webCoRE for HE on your HE hubs and then import your ST pistons.
Thanks for clarifying @aaiyar.

I would love to do that, some of what I read suggests that samsung updates break-it for a short period of time.

Does this still happen? How long is it down? I plan to keep it up to date thru teamviewer.

I was a heavy webcore user when I was still using SmartThings. Once I moved to Hubitat, I committed the time to switch to Rule Machine and it has been great. Took some time to migrate, but it’s equally powerful and natively built into hub software...which means as it gets updates, your rules will continue to work. I know your original post was about copying rules (which I haven’t needed to do so I’m not sure), but figured I’d encourage you to go all in on Rule Machine.

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I too was an avid WebCoRE user on SmartThings and tried it here early on but it had resource issues/hub crashes. It is now my understanding that things run great now thanks to the awesome devs behind it. You can set up a local server and not be reliant on any cloud if you are worried about corporate changes.

I made the switch to Node-RED as a central controller. It's very flexible and works really well with HE (and a number of other systems). I find it easier to work with in terms of logic and the visual flow paradigm is great. I will say it's not for everyone though.

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One thing you could do is to download a backup from the first home, and then restore it to the hub for the second home. Your devices would be all wrong, and you'd have to deal with that (see the topic about Z-Wave migration for some hints on how to do that while preserving the rules). That would give you a starting point...


Samsung updates won't have any impact at all on your Hubitat system. All of your webCoRE pistons run directly on your Hubitat Hub. If you choose to, you can edit your pistons by using the webCoRE cloud dashboard or you can run the dashboard locally (it's just a web servers). But that is only for editing pistons. Once they are built and saved to your hub, they run like every other Hubitat app.