Two Hubitat Locations, one Alexa

I have two Hubitats in two locations, but Alexa can only be connected to one. There may be some workarounds but they look painful. So I'll probably just have to scrap the Hubitat in my cabin. (Which ups the odds that I try something else altogether). If there were a way to make this work that is built-in, I'd probably even pay extra for it.

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Why not simply use a different Amazon Alexa account for the remote location? I know it’s not ideal, but it is an option.

Another idea would be to create a VPN tunnel between the two networks, and try to see if the Hubitat built-in Hub Mesh could be made to work across it. Then one hub could potentially serve up all of the devices to Alexa.

The old Hub Connect community integration might do it as well. I believe it was capable of linking hubs across the Internet.