Two HB Fans Synched By One Pico Remote


Any examples out there on how to Control 2 Hampton Bay fan Controlers in-Sync with one pico remote?

This is what I would like to do....

Button 1 Turn Both Fan and Lights On - Done
Button 2 Dim - Up Both Lights - Don't know how
Button 3 Cycle Both Fans Speeds - Don't Know How (I can do it with one fan at a time)
Button 4 Dim - Down Both Lights -Don't know how
Button 5 Turn Both Fans and Lights Off - Done

Any examples or better suggestions welcome.

There's probably a simple way to do this with the built in Button Control app, but I've havent used it since week one with Hubitat.

I have my own app called ABC (Advanced Button Controller) that can do all of the above. This device does not support dim ramping up and down but you can have it increase/decrease brightness by a set value on each push.


You can create a Virtual switch that has auto-off set, turning it into to momentary button. You can then have a rule in RM do anything based on that virtual switch. All you need to program button controller for the pico to do is turn on that virtual switch.

I have multiple picos in the same room and wanted some of the buttons to do the same thing, so instead of trying to replicate the programming in all the picos, I use the virtual switch to activate the rule. Makes it easy to program button controller but even easier to change or modify since I only need to change one rule and all the picos just work without having to adjust each one.

Thank You!

I hadn’ t found the time to test and try the ABC App.

Its a game changer. Very easy, clear and best of all it works!! Problem solved.

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