Twilio Hell

Has anyone else fallen into Twilio hell? I set up an account, dutifully paid my $20, got an email saying that my payment was “suspicious” (even though it went through), then one asking about my use case, then another again asking about my use case. I responded truthfully and accurately to each one, and now I am getting a interstial that pops up saying that I am suspended due to “suspicious activity.” I have exactly one notification, to myself, and I have sent one text message to myself. And they don’t respond to email. ARRRRGGGGGGHHH!

Short of a stiff drink, I’d value any advice. :slight_smile:

I've had no issues since I started Twilio, maybe a year or so ago.

My recommendation is to give them a call, talk to a person and get it straightened out.

As an aside, I'd ask them what could be suspicious about a $20 payment to a service (i.e. no physical product).

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Thanks. Yeah for us lowly individual users, it’s email only. And yeah, money is money — it’s not like I’m sending hundreds of text messages. :frowning:

Try this number +1 415-227-9968.

If they ask you if your are a business say yes until you get a human on the phone.


Wow, thank you so much! Will do.


I’ve been using Twilio for about 8 years now, mostly for work use cases but have used it for SMS notifications on my HE for the past 3 years. I haven’t experienced what you are going through but I also haven’t setup an account in a while either. Personal account support is via email but hopefully the number that @JohnRob provided works.

The stock Twilio driver is based on a community one I put together 3 years ago. I have since added additional features like voice. Wanted to throw this out there in case you might find these additional features useful:


Thanks so much. Really appreciate all your hard work on the code :slight_smile:

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