Tuya ZM25TQ tubular blind motor

I have these blind motors for roller shades ( What's the difference between a shade and a blind anyway???).
My "shades" or "blinds" have the roller at the top and a length of material that unroll vertically to cover the window... just to clarify.
I will refer to them as shades though.
I need blackout shades also.

What I wanted to know is where/what/which shades will fit the motor?
The drive wheel on the motor has a diameter of 1.44" or 36.6mm. Of course the tube should be somewhat smaller so the drive fits the ID tight, but a 1.1" or 1" ID would be way too tight and the motor tube itself IS about 1".
I could machine an adaptor to fit a larger tube, but I wanted to know where others are finding their shades.
I have looked on Scamazon, but getting an accurate ID of their shades seems to be missing.

Thoughts, ideas?

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