Tuya Zigbee Scene Switch missing "Hold" event

This driver (Tuya Zigbee Scene Switch) has "Release" event, but doesn't have corresponding "Hold" event? Can it please be added? Without Hold, Release doesn't have much use and I can't configure it to start/stop dimmer. Also, is it possible to add battery reporting? Thank you

Sounds like it may have intentionally not been implemented due to taking 5 seconds to register?

(Also, I'm not sure about this particular device, but "released" isn't necessarily useless without "held." The Fast Pico driver, for example, reports "pushed" and "released" and works well for ramping up/down bulbs/dimmers. If you only get "released" after what would be "held," then...yeah, different story.)

Ok after testing I think I have the definitive answer. I have tried this device with drivers that implement "held" but in fact it seems "held" isn't sent until after you let go anyway, no matter how long you hold the button down. So in real life terms there is only a release anyway. Therefore the inbuilt driver is the most honest. NB release doesn't seem to fire unless you've held it down till the green LED goes out. So the event is "held and released" basically

Caveat: I didn't try holding for more than 20 seconds as I got bored, so maybe held might have been sent eventually when the button got bored as well.