Tuya ZigBee 3.0 light socket, unique product

US $12.99 50%OFF | Tuya Smart Life ZigBee 3.0 Light Socket Lamp Holder E27Led Bulb Timer Switch Works with Alexa and Google Home Voice Control DIY

So I saw this neat device and thought maybe someone would have a use case for. It's ZigBee 3.0 and has been working fine with the built in driver, ZigBee generic multi endpoint device. Mike thinks tuya has this additional endpoint for use with the tuya hub. It's didn't seem to affect functionality and the device has a good signal, and is a neat way to sneak a repeater in without taking up a plug.

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Interesting, do they make a dimmer model as well?

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I guess I'm wondering what the point of this is? You can pick up a color zigbee bulb for that price. What does this do that a plug, bulb, or switch doesn't already do better? I do like odd devices though, it's become a sick hobby of mine finding these weird devices.

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Useful if you want to have a nice bright zigbee controllable LED bulb for a relatively cheap price...the cheaper zigbee bulbs are often not too bright, and the nicer inexspesive ones I like (like Sengled) do not repeat (which is my preference) and are not at this price point that I've seen. So you get cheap bright controllable LED and Zigbee 3.0 repeating. Not bad.


Or there's these non-Tuya (maybe :grin: ) ones:

Edit: Wow, cheaper on .ca!
$33.99 - 2 Pack

Didn't see a dimmer model, but with tuya you never know. They have such a huge selection of unique devices. I wonder if their hub is any good with automation?

I assume they have an API but not sure if it's local. I would think the Hubitat team should work on Tuya compatibility. Their devices suck half the time but that's because nobody wants to use their sh1t hub that phones home to Tuya. They do however seem to have the widest product assortment by a longshot. If it's not a bulb, switch, plug, or button, Tuya is likely the manufacturer of it.

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There was a post by Mike Maxwell a couple days ago where they did talk to Tuya, and Tuya doesn't want to "play ball". Hubitat isn't the problem here.


Very interesting, goes to show you that most of these companies are not manufacturing smart home devices, they are building marketing data collection devices.



It is very difficult to make a living selling just HA hardware, especially when most devices are as fungible as they are in home automation, with a race to the bottom on pricing and margins.

CRM\services and related marketing are what almost everyone wants (and needs) to survive and grow.

HE (which has forgone cloud and related surveillance as a differentiating feature) have added cloud backup and remote access as their first add-on services.

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Zigbee 3.0 repeater, and when the color bulb dies, you're out money. I placed 2 color zigbee bulbs in an outside fixture, they didn't last long. This device solves that problem and appears to be a repeater that doesn't generate the "now what is THAT device" questions

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That's a good use I have to admit. I had to buy a GE outdoor zigbee plug to act as a repeater to reach my garage. This is a better solution for those that can keep it dry.