Tuya TS0207 repeater

Hello guys,
I've purchased two Tuya TS0207 repeaters, hoping to move two Aqara sensors back to Hubitat instead of using Home Assistant and also improve the mesh network.

Unfortunately, I cannot get the repeaters to pair to Hubitat hub?

They are found in the pairing process but do not successfully complete the pairing process, and all details are missing in the data section.

I have tried to pair in Zigbee2MQTT and it pairs straight away, see details below:

Device type: Router
Zigbee Model: TS0207
Zigbee Manufacturer: _TZ3000_nkkl7uzv
Description: Repeater
Manufacturer: TuYa
Model: TS0207_repeater

Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks

This is a problem in the current platform version for many other Zigbee devices, not just these... : (

You can use this custom driver to make sure the Tuya repeaters are online and healthy :



Thank you for your help.
I have now changed my C7 zigbee stack to standard (was set to New), and it now paired straight away!


dev:14572023-09-04 01:09:28.225 PMinfoCOPY AND PASTE THIS ROW TO THE DEVELOPER: fingerprint model:"TS0207", manufacturer:"_TZ3000_m0vaazab", profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,000A,0003", outClusters:"0019", application:"40"

dev:14572023-09-04 01:09:28.222 PMtraceApplication: 40

dev:14572023-09-04 01:09:28.220 PMtraceModel: TS0207

dev:14572023-09-04 01:09:28.217 PMtraceManufacturer: _TZ3000_m0vaazab

This device fingerprint is already in the driver linked above, version 2.0.2 from 2023-02-22.
Checked Z2M, no new fingerprints since then.