Tuya Travails-Siren

I wanted to add a Zigbee siren for use in HSM and had already learned the hard way that I needed to look for drivers first. I found a well-regarded community driver and then went about looking at Tuya. I thought I would be frugal and order the one without temp and humidity because I didn't need that. Of course the device shipped from China and took a while. The driver didn't work! There are several threads on Tuya Siren drivers so I tried every one of the referenced drivers....no joy.
So I ordered the Tuya siren with the temp and humidity referenced in the threads. More wait for shipping from China. It arrived yesterday and paired and tested perfectly, quickly and easily. Both were Neo devices so I clearly do comprehend the magic of the hardware-driver relationship. My lesson is to be sure that I am more thorough about matching my device purchases with proven drivers.

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Out of curiosity, when you changed the driver on the first one you bought, did you press the “configure” button? That can sometimes make a difference…

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Oh yeah, I already learned that lesson, but thanks. There just wasn't any driver, native or community that would allow the first one to do anything.

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Is the first device actually a zigbee or z-wave device? Maybe it's a wifi device. The chinglish descriptions are usually very lacjking

No the label was good-Zigbee. It paired, just did not do anything.

What was the model? At least this can serve as a warning to others looking. I also stumbled with sirens and humidity sensors due to no drivers or just weirdness. I also have the Tuya (Neo) siren and it works for me as well.

Does it look like this?

Hey hang on, have you seen this thread?

It looks just like the one with the Orange ring, which is identical to the one with humidity and temperature. I don't know the model number as I threw it out. However, when purchasing you have a choice or with or without humidity. The community driver only works with the humidity model.

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@lsbrodsky you can try this driver.

Thanks but I discarded the device that would not work and replaced it with the one mentioned above.

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