Tuya thermostat with floor water heating actuators

I didn't find spesific topic for this, but if there is please inform me.

I have bought Tyua Zigbee thermostats, same as in here: Zigbee Thermostat Temperature Controller 2MQTT Setup for Water/Electric floor Heating Water/Gas Boiler with Alexa Google Home|Smart Temperature Control System| - AliExpress or here: White ZigBee Smart Thermostat Programmable Temperature Controller 2MQT – Moes

Actuators are Salus THB23030 (Normally Closed, with automatic balancing).

I was hoping to get these connected to hubitat, but not even with "possible" drivers I found.

I do have bought also Tuya HUB (EU version), but I have not tested it yet. Is there possibility to add thermostats to hubitat directly (or even by using TUYA HUB)?

I bought three of these, but I do need many more. I'm not buying more, if thes can not be connected somehow. I do not like idea of many hubs and apps - even though I do have HUE hub for bulbs.

Info from device:

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 41
  • manufacturer: _TZE200_aoclfnxz
  • model: TS0601
  • softwareBuild:
  • inClusters: 0000,0004,0005,EF00
  • outClusters: 0019,000A

Any ideas? Is there any way me to help with drivers?

I looked into this and found no drivers for hubitat or smartthings. The only platforms that it supports is here, waiting for my z-wave thermostat.

Hi Pynnot

Could you please let me know if you are happy with your self balancing Salus actuators and how you are currently control them ( I.e on/off). I am asking this because I was planning to get some for my underfloor heating where I am struggling with some unevenly heated floor areas.
My plan is to control them via Hubduino/Rule Machine and for measuring the floor temperature with some SmartThings leak sensors placed on the floor ( one per room/area) for the time being.
Any help information would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hi @bogdan.mail. I will add some comments after I have some experience with these actuators.

I have also thought something that you mentioned. Because of the automatic calibration, when there goes "ON"/"HEAT", there must be minimum 1min 1sec ON/HEAT. So with Rule Machine I would do when there is ON requested, it can't be OFF before 5min have passed. I'm not sure if you understood what I meant. :smiley:

Also I'd like to add wireless switch that forces all actuators (relays that control actuators) ON, if there is need. At least here in Finland there might be temperature might be well below freezing and if there is power failure, I'd like to have all lines open as fast as possible. This might be done also with Rule Machine, when recovering from power failure...

These actuators does not even need any thermostats, if it is possible to have right heating curve. In my case, I can't find optimal heating curve. Also I do have air-source heat pump (if this is right spelling) and a fireplace. Because of these two extra heating options, I should be also using temperature from floor.

I might add external temperature sensor to my existing thermostats, but I'm frustrated because there is no easy way to add all to hubitat.

Do you have suggestion for temperature controllers, with external temperature sensor? I'd like to put sensor between floor and foundation at some places (there is laminate flooring with sound insulation mat).

Edit: Oh and I do have one of these at the moment: tempSensor - Blebox

But it is not a zigbee..

Why don't you use just a simple zigbee temperature sensor and place it on the floor?
Sonoff snzb-02 works well with hubitat

@Martodox I have ordered Sonoff SNZB-02 (6pcs) for testing different variations. I might try also working with Sonoff BasicZBR3 (have two of these already) and Sonoff ZBMINI (ordered 4pcs).

Main idea is to make sure I can force all actuators OPEN if needed. This is if sensor doesn't work or I'm out from house several days. I think ZBMINI might work well.

Basic idea (for bedrooms) is to use ZBMINI and thermostat to S1 (acting as switch1) for temperature at about 1,2-1,5 meters.
S2 is for forced 230v, as explained before.
SNZB-02 sends "mininum" temperature from floor that must be always, even if room temperature is more than thermostat requires (eg. door open and fireplace is in use, or something like that).

I'm not sure if this works, but I understood that this switch can handle basic stupid switch that stays on.

So far I have four actuators at three bedrooms, with three thermostats. On bedroom is so big that there are two waterlines & actuators. So far I have done calibration three times to test how everything works.

Floor seems to be balanced better, so automatic balancing is working. Because I have not added all actuators at the same time, I can say it takes about 48-72hrs to balancing be fully working.

I think that within 4 weeks I have more to tell, after sonoff order arrives.

Did you solve this problem or you find another sensors combination?

@pynnot Did you manage to find a suitable Hubitat device driver fir the Tuya Thermostat (TS0601)?

@pynnot Bump as I am looking at the electric underfloor heating version of White ZigBee Smart Thermostat Programmable Temperature Controller 2MQTT Setup ZigBee Hub Required For Electric Floor Heating BHT-002-GBLZBW


Sadly no success with any Zigbee Smart thermostat (eg. Moes BHT-***-**ZB) I got some information with Tyua radiator driver, but it did not work at all. I did not get temperatures or anything.

At the moment I have water underfloor heating with salus THB23030 (NC, automatic balancing) - these seem to work very well.

Relay is Sonoff ZBMINI (works well)
Temperature sensors from Sonoff (dows not work well)

I have found another thermostat driver, but haven't tested it yet. And sorry, I don't remember it right now. I'm going to do some testing with stuff I got already, but not yet sure how this is going to end.

Also I'm looking solution for electric underfloor heating, this is a bit harder case. There is not really a problem if water actuators is open all the time (just a bit too warm), but with wrong electric underfloor heating things might be a bit different...

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Is your wall-mounted thermostat like this one?

I have its basic functionalities working fine with HE and a customized driver.

I have thermostats like this:

Do you have that driver? I’d like to test it with one extra thermostat that is not in use at the moment.

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I have sent PMs with the link to the developments version of the driver that needs volunteers for preliminary testing with thermostats different than mine :slight_smile:

Hopefully I will be ready to publish the driver this weekend.

I have the Beok Tuya ZigBee Smart Thermostat for gas you say you got some functions working can you help me with your driver.

The first version of the driver is published here : [ALPHA] Tuya Wall Mount Thermostat (Water/Electric Floor Heating) Zigbee driver

Please follow-up in this thread.

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Thanks for the driver.
Does the Tuya Thermostat have a GFCI built into it?

No, there are only Neutral and Live terminals ( and a N.O. dry contacts relay ).

Hmm, My Sinope TH1300ZB has only 2 terminals, but has a built in GFCI, which I found odd. The TH1300ZB also has test/reset buttons on the edge for the GFCI.

I found this, and had no idea it was possible, until this thermostat.

Probably because of this:

Some Tuya appliances may have at most CE marking ... that seems to be interpreted by some manufacturers simply as 'China Export' :rofl:

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Hi Pynnot,
Just got my Salus self balancing ( need it to import them from UK in the end-long story) and now working to install them. Hopefully will fix my un-even heated floors. In relation to the controllers for underfloor heating able to read the floor temperature and outdoor temperature, I've just came accross of Sinope TH1400ZB. Apparently working with Hubitat ( please check again). I've e-mailed Sinope to ask them how they are measuring the outdoor temperature and they replied that is based on the postal code. I assume that the outdoor temperature function will work only with their own hub since the postal code will allow for the location and then it will pick-up the temperature reading from a local weather service.
Have a great day.

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