Tuya SS-LS01 Light Sensor

I recently acquired a Tuya SS-LS01 luminance sensor. I flashed it with Tasmota as shown in the Tasmota devices database. I struggled with it a bit, because this device apparently requires that it check in with a MQTT broker in order to function. I got that all squared away and the device seems to work fine with one exception. I have the device mounted on a window sill. During the day the device reports 1000 lux, almost all the time. It seems a bit too sensitive. In the instructions at the bottom of the page, there is a section called "features", here it says....

dpId 1 is used for brightness state

  • 0 = low
  • 1 = middle
  • 2 = high
  • 3 = strong

dpId2 is reporting illuminance in (according to instruction manual) lux.

I don't understand the whole dpld thing. Is there a way to set the sensitivity on this device? I have played a bit, but I am not making any progress. Can anyone shed some light (pun intended) on this?