Tuya Smart Siren Zigbee - Driver doesn't work

@SmartHomePrimer Thank you so much for taking your time and explaining it.

@rocketwiz Thanks but I have already tried that, see OP.

@marcusvrsilva YEAAHHH!!! THIS ONE WORKS!!! :facepunch:t2:
Where did you found that driver? It's not in the "List of Compatible Devices".

For others that might be interested about how the Heimann driver works with the Tuya Siren (TS0216):

  • The driver buttons Configure/Both/Off/On works as expected.
  • The driver button Siren (sound only I guess) works, but always with the light/flashes.
  • The driver button Strobe (light only) doesn't work (but for me that isn't an issue).
  • In Preferences you can adjust the "Max duration of the siren" which also works.
  • It always goes on max. volume.

I've read somewhere that it should be possible to lower the volume (even mute it) and that would fix the last 3 points (for example that you only use the light as an indicator).

But overall I'm very pleased with this driver,
Thanks everyone for diming in!


Hi @SmartHomePrimer, I'm happy the driver worked. As I said, I have a Zelman siren and I find this driver on GitHub searching on Google! :upside_down_face:

Many of these Chinese devices use the same hardware, so it is common that a specific driver works on a similar device of other brand.

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@ShadoW Lucky you. it's not working on me

Is there anyone help me to fix this?

Thank you

Can you post your Zigbee siren Model and Manufacturer ( from the device web UI Data section)?

@kkossev Thank you for reply

and this from iot.tuya.com

or you can see from here.


The drivers referenced above will definitely not work with this model.
... but there is enough information for this device on the net, so I can try to ake a custom driver - next weekend! : )

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Thank you @kkossev

I also have the "cheap" version as referenced by @putudhony88 , it does not have temp & humidity sensing, if that helps.

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Thank you @kuzenkohome

Tuya Smart Zigbee Sensor Built-in Siren Alarm (without temperature and humidity sensors) driver is now available here:

Thank you @putudhony88 and @kuzenkohome for the tests!

For anyone considering purchasing these sirens, note that there are 2 versions that look identical.

The one referenced here is the "cheaper" version (usually <$20USD) it DOES NOT have a temperature or humidity sensor that is present in the more expensive versions. They are USB powered with battery backup. The vendors play fast and loose with their descriptions so read carefully if you want the temp & humidity feature.

It functions as a ZigBee router. I haven't tested it for long term stability as a router though .

This is what they look like.



I have the tuya TS0216 siren and the siren goes off every time i get an error message as listed below.

for the driver I am using

when I change the driver, i set it to device then initialize then back to the new driver then configure.

I have tried the following driver but it did work.

any suggestions?

thank you.

Have you tried Marcus's Siren driver? It is on HPM

hi kkossev

Glad to hear back from you.

in the matter of fact I tried the following drivers

only the generic zigbee siren worked but as I have mentioned it goes off for 2 seconds every time I get an error from it

mainly almost on the same time. that is my analysis.

I am only using it in ham as my siren.

I have removed the siren to see if it goes off by itself. I do not thing it is the siren.

hi kkossev

sorry I did not answer your question
I searched through hpm the only siren may be for Marcus - ohlalabs is the Las one but it did not work.
am I correct?

Yes, I meant that one Marcus's driver, but looking at the code it is not the right driver for your model.

My driver does not support IAS cluster Sirens (yet), so in addition to HE inbuilt Generic Zigbee Siren driver, Gabriele's "Generic Zigbee Siren" is the closest match. I can try to path it in the next week if my time permits.

thank you.
i will be looking forward for your patch driver

BTW since i removed the siren as a device. it does not goes off anymore. so it is the above error i have mentioned.