Tuya Smart Locks

Hi, just wondering whether anyone has had any success with one of the cylinder style Tuya smart locks?

Wondering if they can be added as a device to Hubitat but also just generally how are they? Any good?
Seem similar to the August smart locks.


@ifflanb They should pair but you might need a custom dth.

Thanks I guess I was wondering if anyone had actually done this yet.

@ifflanb A github search might bring up something...I couldn’t find anything in groovy by searching for tuya zigbee lock hubitat

Just set it as generic zigbee lock to get locking and unlocking functionality. I have no idea how to get the fingerprint to work without a custom dth.

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Did it work ? I'm planning to buy one like this just for triggering an open close action.

Thank you in advance

Hi. No unfortunately you cant set it in developer mode in the mi home app. There is no About menu like there is with the v2 gateway. Happy to be told differently but have had a good look and cant find anywhere in thg e menu systems to activate it. I have had a v2 gateway so I know where I'm locking.

colour me very interested in this! Has anybody had any success adding this to HE in the meantime?

The link in the original post is not available anymore.
Any chance it is this one? aliexpress /item/1005002095060674.html

It is great lock and works perfectly with Tuya or Life Smart, but I'd like to add it to centralize everything in Hubitat.


It's the AirBnk M500. Works great yeah. There are newer models now with more powerful motors.

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I recently bought this AirBnk M500 lock and was unable to integrate this with home assistant. One of reasons I am considering switching to Hubitat.
So, can you confirm this lock integrates well with Hubitat?

This lock doesnt integrate with Hubitat. It has it's own app AirBnk which is pretty flaky. Its Tuya based so HA wouldngive tou better integration. Not come across anyone that's managed to flash this with Tasmota either

Any update on HE integration ?!

I second the motion for an update on this as well! :smiley:
Also if any of the stronger motor options are supported, I'd happily take that as well :wink:

Has anyone who owns this lock tried controlling it (open/close) from Amazon Alexa?